Dirt (spell)

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Dirt (spell)
Dirt (spell)

Faith: 40
Favor: 40
Difficulty: 50
Target: Tile, Item
Casting time: 10 seconds




Dirt creates a small amount of dirt in a container with sufficient volume such as a small cart or destroys dirt on the target tile.

If you choose to destroy dirt, the most dirt will be destroyed on the northwest corner of the target tile and a little on the adjacent corners.

(Tests spawned 7 dirts or removed a total of 28 dirts.)


  • Activate a sprout and right-click on on a tile or container. Select "Spells > Dirt".


An area of 4 by 4 will be affected if you choose to destroy dirt.

You can't cast on a tile that is within 2 tiles to walls or trees/bushes. (Message: You need to clear the area first.)