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Main / Religion / Spells / Disintegrate


Faith: 70
Favor: 80
Difficulty: 70
Target: Cave wall
Casting time: 60 seconds



Disintegrate is a spell used underground to destroy rock tiles and reinforced tiles (with extensive effort). Metal veins have not been tested extensively. The spell is available for Magranon on PvE based servers (Freedom, save the Chaos server), and all priests on PvP.

Its use is tied into the mining role for deeds. This means, on freedom server only those that have mining permission can disintegrate inside deed, anyone can disintegrate out of deed. You must have multiple mining permissions: Mine rock, mine iron veins, mine other veins, tunnel, mine floor, add/remove reinforcements as well as cast deity spells to cast this on deed.

On pvp server, you can now only disintegrate reinforced tiles inside enemy settlements if they were drained during the last 2 hours.


A cast will result in the same floor slope a "mine forward" action would have resulted in. Permission wise the general rule of Disintegrate is, if it can't be mined, it can't be disintegrated. It will cast, but normal mining action will happen and therefore all the mining constraints apply and the appropriate mining errors or warnings will be issued.

  • If side shafts are attempted, it will not crack the rock tile and will only waste favor.
  • If it is too deep underwater to mine it will not crack the rock tile and will only waste favor.
  • Can be used to create an exit from a mine (follows same rules as manually mining), but cannot be used to create a tunnel from the outside.
    • Mining or disintegrate from inside a mine will not result in the 20 entrance slope, it instead connects to the 2 lowest tile corners.
    • Any item, corpse, player, mine door or altar in the way will result in 'Item in the way' error.

When used to disintegrate reinforced tiles, the chances are very low – 2% for a [50] power cast and 10% if you manage to cast a [90] power spell, which is hard enough for a difficulty 70 spell. This goes up to 25% at [95] power and 50% at [98]. Because of the long casting time, high favor cost, and difficulty to cast, disintegrating a tile with a single priest can very difficult.

Note on messages: When attempting to disintegrate a reinforced wall, a success of the spell does not mean you got the power and % roll. The messages see are:

  • Spell success, but failed on removal "[17:54:56] You succeed." "[17:54:56] You fail to find a weak spot to direct the power to. The wall still stands this time."
  • Spell success, got the power and % roll "[17:54:56] You succeed." "[17:54:56] You disintegrate the reinforcement."