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Dragons are unique creatures that do not normally spawn. There is usually only 1 dragon of each type per map, unless they are hatched from huge eggs.



  • Red: strongest
  • Black: middle (hatchling)
  • White: weak (hatchling)
  • Green: weakest (hatchling)


  • Can swim
  • Can climb everything
  • Cannot fly
  • The aggro range of the dragon depends on what type. It is highly unpredictable and will change every time you run from it.
  • Can not be tamed
  • Can be dominated. However without use of a artifact its near impossible.
  • Female dragons rarely lay huge eggs (when very well fed--fat) which should hatch.
  • Butchering products: meat, scales (for red dragons), drake hide (for white, green and black dragons), a tooth and an eye.
  • Bashing, slashing, biting and hitting attack and tail whip attack; hits very fast.
  • Can bash down/damage walls or fences - Note: Dragon's can instantly bash down any walls instantly at any QL, They are not known to bash house walls but have been known to 'walk through' them.
  • Can not run out of stamina
  • Moves VERY fast and cannot be outrun by a player unless the player has minimal weight or is running on cobblestone.
  • When killed gives every attacker the title 'Dragonslayer'.
  • Black and Red dragons are known to throw players, this can be in any direction and varies from about 5 to 20 tiles. - Note: Players can be thrown over walls and if you are thrown while inside a cave then you are teleported to the surface.


A Red Dragon
File:Green Dragon.jpg
A Green Dragon
A White Dragon
A Black Dragon