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Drake hide
A Drake hide

Obtained by being in local range and having premium when a unique creature is slain.

  • Drake hide
Skill and improvement


The prepared hide from a drake.

Premium players can obtain Drake Hide by being in local range when a Dragon hatchling is slain.



  • The color of the hide will match the type of dragon that was slain.
    • Black: R=10 G=10 B=10
    • Green: R=10 G=210 B=10
    • White: R=255 G=255 B=255
    • Red: R=215 G=40 B=40
    • Blue: R=40 G=40 B=215
  • Each player will receive an equal share of the total hide dropped by the Drake.
  • You do not need to participate in the fight to receive the hide, just be in local.
  • Since it is prepared already, you do not need to apply lye as with regular animal hide.
  • Can be combined. Can not be stored in bulk storage bin.