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! Enchanting  
! Enchanting  
| align="left" | Cordage rope  
| align="left" | Cordage rope  
| align="left" | Other ropes <br /> Door Locks <br /> Valrei Items* <br /> Rock Shards <br /> Puppets <br /> Tar
| align="left" | Other ropes <br /> Door Locks <br /> Valrei Items* <br /> Stone Shards <br /> Puppets <br /> Tar
|- align="right"  
|- align="right"  
! Rarity window  
! Rarity window  

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Main / Religion / Faith bonus


An altar can generate an area of influence for it's god. While in the past it was possible for the influence from the altars of different gods to overlap, this is no longer the case. Only one can be dominant and when you enter its area you are told you feel the influence of the appropriate god.

  You feel the presence of Vynora.
  You no longer feel the presence of Vynora.


This influence can be visible when you look at your Spell effects, and you will see a faith bonus which is generated from the influence in your area. The amounts vary on distance from the altar and its quality, but normally you can expect the bonus to reach a maximum power of 55. You will only get this high a bonus when your god's influence is dominant in the location you are in.

  Example :
  When entering an area, I saw a Power of 28.5.   Going right up to the alter gave me a power of 40.5.  
  The bonus also seems to depend on your status : My follower has 30.5, while my priests have 40.5

Once your faith passes 90 the additional faith counts towards your faith bonus. This means a 92.20 faith priest could see a bonus as high as 57.20 (55.0 + (92.20 - 90))

Faith bonus affects the success of your spells so it is a case of the higher the better.

Deed Faith Bonuses

The Settlement Info (aka Settlement Billboard) screen lists faith bonuses. These are rewarded when you sacrifice various items.

  • Your favor needs to be full at the beginning of a sacrifice in order to advance bonuses. To put it another way, if you start a sacrifice with less than full favor, the sacrifice will max out your favor with a portion of the sacrificed goods, which will result in the remaining Get Price value being wasted.
  • One Enchanting point is given for sacrificing goods with a Get Price approximately equal to twenty silvers. Irons-to-points is 200,000:1 (here, irons is a shortened version for items sacrificed with a total Get Price equal to an iron value). Free to play players may have problems if their favor is lower than their faith, so check to make sure they match before sacrificing.
  • One Enchanting percent is 0.30 of an Enchanting point.
  • Rarity bonus is Enchanting points rounded down. It extends your rare roll window-of-opportunity by up to 10 seconds. The window is 20 seconds without any bonus.
  • Note: Only villagers of the deed you are sacrificing for can add to deed bonuses.

Examples :

  With 3 Citizens
  The village is granted the following faith bonuses:
  War (0) damage: 0% CR: 0%, 
  Healing (0.846877): 0.846877%, 
  Enchanting (5.507088): 5.507088%, Rarity window: 5 bonus seconds
  With 7 Citizens
  The village is granted the following faith bonuses:
  War (0.03592) damage: 0.015394% CR: 0.015394%, 
  Healing (0.750496): 0.321641%, 
  Enchanting (1.356854): 0.581509%, Rarity window: 1 bonus seconds
  With 14 Citizens
  The village is granted the following faith bonuses:
  War (0) damage: 0% CR: 0%, 
  Healing (0.730496): 0.156535%, 
  Enchanting (1.336854): 0.286469%, Rarity window: 1 bonus seconds

The Values (in parentheses) and % bonus seem to be related as follows.

 Bonus% = (Value)*3 / Citizens : Maximum is 10%
 The Citizens factor above has a minimum of 3, so for deeds with 1 to 3 members, (Value) = Bonus%
 Traders that are citizens are included in the above
 Rarity window = Integer(Enchanting)

The Values can be increased by Sacrificing at an altar when your Favor is full. (Followers are good for this, as they never spend their favor.)

There is no known maximum for the Value, but the Bonus% are capped at 10%. Also, the Rarity window is capped at 10 seconds.

However, the Values decrease over time (15% / real life day), and must be actively maintained if you wish to keep them at full strength.

This is a partial list of which items contribute to which category. (Please update if you have additional information.)

Bonus type Recommended Other items
War Damage Wooden Shields Weapons
Healing Filets Food ingredients
Enchanting Cordage rope Other ropes
Door Locks
Valrei Items*
Stone Shards
Rarity window See below

* These give .2 to enchant faith bonus, giving 2 seconds to rarity window. This is posted in Village History at the token. "Aug 29, 2015 3:30:03 AM Nicrolis adds 0.2 to enchant faith bonus"

Rarity window : This seems to be the Integer of the Enchantment value.

 Enchanting (2.791713): 1.861142%, Rarity window: 2 bonus seconds
 Enchanting (3.606604): 2.404403%, Rarity window: 3 bonus seconds
 Enchanting (4.556634): 3.037756%, Rarity window: 4 bonus seconds
 Enchanting (5.059084): 3.372723%, Rarity window: 5 bonus seconds
 Enchanting (12.353334): 9.265%, Rarity window: 10 bonus seconds   (Capped at 10 sec)

As with sacrificing for Favor, the Get Price value influences how much bonus is rewarded. So Cordage Rope is a good item to sacrifice if you want to increase your Enchanting bonus for example.