Fungus trap

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Main / Religion / Spells / Fungus trap

Fungus trap
Fungus trap

Faith: 33
Favor: 23
Difficulty: 20
Target: Tile
Casting time: 10 seconds


Only a Priest of Libila can cast this spell


It temporarily covers an area in fungus, inflicting poison wounds to enemies that step in the fungus. Can be cast on any type of tile. Comparable to Fire pillar and Ice pillar.

Damage ignores armour and is applied repeatedly, with damage depending on the power of the cast.


  1. Activate your deity's statuette
  2. Right-click a tile
  3. Select Spells > Fungus trap

Offensive spell resistance

Many offensive spells in the game now also have their own resistances. These function identically to the healing resistance above, but have much lower maximum duration for their resistance values. The duration of this effect is based on how much damage is done, and will reduce all further damage on the target from the same spell.

The maximum duration of resistance various depending on the spell, and the reduction scales linearly from that mark. For example, if you have 1 minute of resistance remaining and the spell has a maximum resistance duration of 2 minutes, you will receive 50% normal damage from a further cast of that spell.

Fungus trap has a maximum resistance duration of 3 minutes.

Fungus traps