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Main / Highway / Highway


A highway protected and linked by catseyes.

A highway is a paved road that is at least 2 tiles wide, connecting two or more deeds.

Creating an Official Protected Highway

  • A road can be turned into an official highway if it is at least two tiles wide and connects a minimum of two deeds. The start of a highway is marked by a waystone on a deed. A second waystone on the second deed marks the end, or destination, of the highway. The highway is complete once both waystones are linked by catseyes.
  • Official protected highways use a marker at each tile corner which will protect all 4 tiles around them. These markers are called Catseyes and Waystones. Official highways are used by wagoners to transport goods as well as for general transportation purposes.
  • Slope for a highway must not exceed 20 straight or 14/14 diagonally.
  • Highways cannot be established on PVP servers.
  • For additional information and troubleshooting topics on adding to existing highways, see [1].

Additions and Maintenance

  • Highways can be illuminated by blessed lamps without the need of refueling. While they will shine without further work, they still may experience some decay.
  • Connected deeds can hire a wagoner to deliver bulk items to other connected deeds.
  • Bridges can be included on highways, if they fulfil general surface requirements.
  • Cave highways can be included if paved with reinforced and prepared floor. Cave highways tiles are protected from cave-ins, cannot collapse .
  • Cave highways across bridges needs to have tile below each bridge ends reinforced.
  • Highways located on the deed perimeter are protected by the deed permissions.
  • Repaving a tile is possible without removing the catseye or a waystone:
    • Activate the material needed for the pavement type, right-click a paved tile and select Re-pave > Tile or Nearest corner
A junction with a waystone and a wagoner container.