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Fine fishing rod
A Fine fishing rod
  • Fine fishing rod (1.01 kg)
Skill and improvement


A long pole with a string and a hook made of iron.

Used for fishing by land or by boat.


  • In creation, the quality of the fishing line determines the success rate, and the maximum initial quality of the pole can only be 20% of the creator's carpentry skill (but also will be capped by the quality of the shaft being used).
  • Fishing lines can break, and keeping spare fishing lines is suggested.
  • Willow wood is suggested for making fishing rods, fine or not. In this application, willow wood provides the most resilience against wear-and-tear damage incurred while fishing.
  • Compared to a regular fishing rod, the fine fishing rod has an increased chance of catching fish with each action.
  • At lower skill levels, 5-10 being so-far confirmed, the fine fishing rod also provides increased skill gain as the player fishes.
  • Rare fine (and rare regular/non-fine) fishing rods are observed to break less, take less damage, and have slightly better odds at catching rare fish.
  • In general, the heavier the fish being caught, the more damage one will notice being imparted to the rod with use.

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