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Hot food cooking (HFC) is a skill used to create cooked food. The food made with this skill has a higher nutrition value than raw (uncooked) meat, foraged, or botanized food.


  • To raise this skill, the player should start out with a simpler dish like a stew or casserole. After having reached about 10-15 HFC skill the player can move on to creating a meal.
  • To gain skill in HFC you should try to keep the difficulty of the dish within a range of +/-10 from your skill. That means that if you have 1 hfc you should not aim to make a dish of higher difficulty than 11. Likewise if you have 34 hfc you can gain skill from food with a difficulty of 24 as well as 44. A +/- range of 5 seems to help to get the optimal skillgain
  • After placing the ingredients in your cooking utensil you can examine it to find out what it will become and what the difficulty of the dish is
  • The type of fireplace you use to cook your food in has an impact on the difficulty:
    • An oven adds 0 difficulty.
    • A campfire adds 5x(U-1) where U is the number of unique ingredients.*
    • Forge adds 10x(U-1) where U is the number of unique ingredients.*
    • * These formulas only take into account the difficulty added by using varying cooking methods. Adding unique ingredients will also change the base difficulty of the food item or may even change it into an entirely different food item.
  • Some items can be added to raise the difficulty, for example leather pieces, hoofs, small nails and coins (they will not be consumed)

NB: Rumours have circulated that you will not gain any hfc skill if you leave the forge/oven/campfire. This has been proven wrong. You do not have to stand shackled to the heat source.



Meat, Fish and Other

Berries, herbs, nuts, vegetables

Resulting products

High nutrition value

Low nutrition value

No nutrition value

Other value



Fire containers


  • Caterer at 50 skill
  • Iron chef at 70 skill
  • Saucier at 90 skill
  • Legendary Chef at 100 skill