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The Hunt of the Ancients (HotA) is a contest invented by the deities in order to reward bravery and strengthen the soul of humans by luring them into danger.


The HotA takes place in a special zone called the HotA zone. These spawn randomly on Chaos of the Freedom Cluster.

When the Hunt begins, 6 battlecamps will be created in the zone. To conquer or "cap" one, right click > "Conquer". There is a five minute timer to conquer each battlecamp. If it is interrupted by other players or mobs, the timer resets.

The first kingdom or alliance to conquer 4 battlecamps wins the Hota. However, if a different kingdom or alliance wants to take over the win, they can neutralize the conquered battlecamps and then re-cap them for their own kingdom.

The prize is a Hota statue filled with glimmersteel, and adamantine lumps and a moonmetal medallion necklace. Special player titles can also be awarded based on the number of wins attributed to that player or their village/alliance.

70 hours after the time of completion, a new HotA will take place.

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