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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Convert]]
* [[Convert]]
* [[Duel ring]]

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Four main kingdoms exist in the story of Wurm, of which 3 are on the Epic cluster as well as 1 on the Freedom cluster. Also, there are player-made kingdoms (PMK) on the Elevation server in the Epic cluster, and on the Chaos server in the Freedom cluster.

To see the kingdom influence on your current server, use the /kingdoms chat command.

Epic Server Kingdoms

All kingdoms on the Epic servers are at war with each other by default. While all kingdoms are in conflict over land and power, the blacklight kingdom HotS fights the other whitelight kingdoms over religion.

On the Elevation server, land must be claimed for the kingdom by building guard towers. When a guard tower is created, it claims the land around it for the kingdom and it is then possible to build a settlement there. On Affliction, Desertion and Serenity, land is already claimed for the default kingdom on the server and guard towers are not required to place a deed. No enemy kingdom can claim land or place deeds on these three servers.

If a player wishes to change their kingdom, they must be invited to join by a member of that kingdom, or go to the Altar of Three for MR or JK, and the Bone Altar for HOTS.

Freedom Kingdom

On the Freedom servers there is only one kingdom, "Freedom". Thus, no inter-kingdom conflicts of any sort occur and there is no need to claim land for your kingdom. It is, however, still possible to build guard towers, though they are not required to build settlements.

The one exception to this is on the PvP Chaos server, where Player Made Kingdoms can be created.

Player Made Kingdoms

In addition to the normal preset Kingdoms, players can create their own Player Made Kingdom on the Elevation or Chaos servers. PMK's are independent Kingdoms, created by declaring independence with a specific item on their settlement token.


  • On the Golden Valley server all players are Freedom Isles and new players may not venture onto the main server, though players before the tutorial may remain as Freedom Isles kingdom there.
  • Previously it was possible to be Mol-Rehan or Jenn-Kellon on Golden Valley, as well as being converted to Horde of the Summoned.

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