Lady of the lake

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The Lady of the lake is a mysterious figure who resides at the bottom of Bear Lake, next to the Landing on the Chaos server. She decides who becomes the Grand Prince of Jenn-Kellon, if the position is currently vacant.

Example Challenge

You hesitantly approach the lady of the lake.
Lady of the lake watches you intensely..
Lady of the lake nods solemnly!
Lady of the lake watches you intensely again.
Lady of the lake nods solemnly!
Lady of the lake seems to make up her mind about you.
For no obvious reason you are rejected. Lady of the lake silently disappears into the depths (If rejected)

Founding Deeds

It is not possible to found a deed with the Lady of the lake in the vicinity. Attempts will generate the error:

[20:26:42] You cannot found the settlement here:

[20:26:42] Some settlement nearby requires [Player Name] to be a citizen or ally.

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