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A Larder
Total materials
  • Larder (45.50 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 4128g of paint.


A cool area for storing food.


  • A larder is a storage container used to store food items to slow decay when you have snowballs in the icebox.
  • Has no effect on food items when there are no snowballs.
  • Its recommended that you use high quality materials when attempting at low skill.
  • The larder has 5 shelves and an icebox. The 5 shelves can all be renamed by the owner of the larder.
  • The icebox can only hold snowballs. When trying to add a different item, you will get the message Only snowballs can be put into an icebox.
    • The more snowballs in the icebox, the slower the decay on the food items. 100 snowballs fit in the icebox.
    • Snowballs will also decay slower when in a larder.
  • Wrapped food items placed in a larder will decay even slower than if they were unwrapped.
  • Can be picked up into inventory
  • Can be loaded into large carts, wagons, and all boats except the small sailing boat and row boat.
  • Can be locked with a small or large padlock.
  • Can be planted.
  • Food left in a larder for a long period of time may instantaneously decay when removed. It is best to eat from the larder, if you are keeping food from a long time, or very quickly remove, take a portion, and place it back inside immediately.

Creation chance examples

Fine carpentry skill Creation chance
20 12 %
15 9 %