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A Leather
  • Leather (3.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


The prepared hide of an animal.

Leather is created from the hide of a butchered animal.

0.10kg of lye is required to turn 3.00kg of hide into 3.00kg of leather. You may use larger quantities of both lye and hide, only the amount required will be used. The quality of the lye affects the creation chance.


Leather is used for creating and improving leatherworking items. Improving leather items is not limited by leather QL. This item is unique in this way.


  • Failure to produce leather will use 0.05kg of the lye and 0.30kg of the hide.
  • You need a hide with a weight of at least 3.00kg to start.

Other creation methods

Please see Leather pieces for an alternative method of making leather.