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A Lunchbox
Total materials
  • Lunchbox (1.00 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 73g of paint.


A container made from tin that keeps food fresh and warm when travelling.


  • This is the craftable version of the picnic basket.
  • Decay ticks take twice as long to happen and are reduced by 65% (including when kept in player's inventory).
  • Damage of the contents is slightly reduced on a rare lunchbox
  • A lunchbox holds 2 kg of liquid and 2 kg of food and is limited to 3 items.
  • Upon creation, the lunchbox comes with a thermos and a food tin built in. They cannot be removed.
    • Beverage items can be stored in the thermos section, while food items can be stored in the food tin.