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* [[Tutorial|Beginners Tutorial 1]]
* [[Tutorial|Beginners Tutorial 1]]
* [[Tutorial2|Beginners Tutorial 2 (new)]]
* [[Tutorial2|Beginners Tutorial 2 (new)]]
* [[Chat|Chat Rules]]
| '''The Current World'''
| '''The Current World'''
* [[Gold_Villages_and_Towns|Villages and Towns]]
* [[Gold_Villages_and_Towns|Villages and Towns]]

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Welcome to the WurmPedia

The WurmPedia is a wiki about Wurm Online. Anyone with a registered wiki account can edit the wiki. It's a good place to share information about the game to help other players and find information about the game which you do not know about. The wiki currently has 2,899 articles, and more being added all the time! Why not write one yourself or begin reading?

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Quick FAQ

What is a wiki? 
A wiki is a website that anyone can read, edit and alter the contents. People work together and collaborate to make a wiki extremely large and helpful.
How do I get a wiki account? 
Contact a Game Master or a moderator, Eir is a very good person to contact via the forums for a wiki account. You can either contact them in-game, on IRC or in the forums. Please do not contact Notch, Rolf and Unforgiven about Wiki accounts.
We have some help on editing pages on the WurmPedia found at the Help Contents page. Otherwise you can go to Wikimedia Meta-Wiki Help for a large amount of documentation on reading and editing any MediaWiki powered Wiki.
Looking for something to do? 
Try editing the missing pages, stubs, dead end pages, or uncategorised pages!
I have another question/answer/idea! 
Try joining the IRC channel. We're at #wurm on the heavenlyplace network. Connect now or see the IRC article for more details and how to get started.

There is a FireFox/Mozilla search plugin available for those who feel the need. They make it easier to search since you can have a lot of them accessible very quickly. To install WurmPedia search plugin simply click the "Wurm Online Wiki" link. The browser should ask you if you want to install the search plugin; click agree and the plugin is installed.

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