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Main / Terrain / Marsh

A Marsh
  • Max flat speed: 8.18km/h
  • Can be created by players?: No
  • Underground: No
  • Naturally-occuring


marsh is a form of vegetation similar to grass found close to or under water that; however, it's uses are more restricted.

Marsh can spread naturally.


Digging marsh with a shovel does not convert it into dirt as it does with grass. It can only be reclaimed by paving with floor boards, it may then be safely unpaved to be used as dirt or allow repaving with another paving type.

Marsh tiles cannot be raised out from underwater by the use of leveling or flattening. The only known way to raise marsh out of the water is to dump dirt on it.


  • Marsh can spread to dirt and grass. Stop the spread by placing sand around the perimeter of the marsh.
  • Stone walls and other fence types do not stop the spread of marsh.
  • Marsh tiles can be foraged at 43 foraging.