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| 4
| 4
| '[[Path_of_Knowledge#Get_Info_.28Level_1.29|Get Info (Level 1)]]' || '[[Path of Insanity#Clean Wound|Clean Wound]]' || '[[Path of Power#Trap Immunity|Trap Immunity]]' || '[[Path of Love#Refresh|Refresh]]' || ?
| '[[Path_of_Knowledge#Get_Info_.28Level_1.29|Get Info (Level 1)]]' || '[[Path of Insanity#Clean Wound|Clean Wound]]' || '[[Path of Power#Trap Immunity|Trap Immunity]]' || '[[Path of Love#Refresh|Refresh]]' || '[[Path of Hate#Rage|Rage]]'
| 7
| 7

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Main / Skills / Nature / Meditating


To meditate, drop a meditation rug on the ground, right click it, and choose "Nature -> Meditate". Skill builds to 20 on all tiles, after that you have to join a path to get further skillgain. Once you have 20 skill, skill-gain is limited to 5 times every 3 hours.


Starting and Following a Path

On certain tiles, there can be a pop-up after finishing meditating that allows you to start a path. There are thought to be many paths, though some are more easily found than others.

Verified paths are:

The Path of Knowledge

The Path of Power

The Path of Insanity

The Path of Love

The Path of Hate.

To join a path you need to have at least 15 meditating skill.

Once you are on the path, a title will appear next to your name, similar to the champion title. Each step of the path brings a new title. At each step, you must wait for an increasing amount of time before you can advance to the next step on the path. Times between steps are shown in the section on Titles below. You can only follow 1 path.

The message you get to start each path seems to take the following form: "As you meditate upon these things you realize that there is a pattern of thinking that you can try to follow. If this path contains the truth or simply the figment of someone's imagination, you do not know. Nonetheless, it may pose an interesting challenge. Do you wish to embark on the philosophical journey of the path of X? If you answer yes, you will be challenged by the selected path as you visit more places like this one and mediate.". Answering yes will make you an adherent of that particular path, with the title of Uninitiated.

For the subsequent questions of each path, the dialog starts as follows: "If the path of X contains the truth or simply is the figment of someone's imagination, you do not know. Nonetheless, it poses an interesting challenge. The following question springs to mind", and is then followed by a new question with five possible answers.

The further along a path you are, the harder it becomes to get the question dialogs to appear. The chance to receive a question is determined by your meditation skill, and the quality/type of the rug you are using. The various rugs in order of increasing effectiveness are: Meditation rug, Fine meditation rug, Beautiful meditation rug, and Exquisite meditation rug. If you fail to receive a question, you can simply keep meditating on the same special until you succeed; there is no need to move elsewhere first.

If you get a question wrong, the delay timer resets and you must wait out the full period over again. For example if you choose wrongly on the level 4 question, you have to wait another 6 days before you can try again.

Leaving a path

If you have chosen a path, you now have the option Nature -> Leave path. This brings up a dialog that says: "Select quit to stop following this path. The result is immediate and dramatic".

If you select Quit, you get this message: "You decide to stop pursuing the path of knowledge."

Path leaders

Once you have reached level 3 in your chosen path, you will have a new option Nature -> Path leaders. This brings up a dialog that says "You consider the local leaders of the path:".

Once you reach Level 4 your name appears on this list.


Level Delay to reach Path of Knowledge Path of Insanity Path of Power Path of Love Path of Hate
0 15 Meditation Skill Uninitiated Uninitiated Uninitiated Uninitiated Uninitiated
1 12 Hours Initiate Initiate Initiate Initiate Initiate
2 24 Hours Eager Disturbed Gatherer Nice Ridiculous
3 3 Days Explorer Crazed Greedy Gentle Envious
4 6 Days Sheetfolder Deranged Strong Warm Hateful
5 12 Days Desertmind Sicko Released Goodhearted Finger
6 24 Days Observer Mental Unafraid Giving ?
7 24 Days Bookkeeper Psycho Brave Rock ?
8 24 Days Mud-dweller Beast Performer Splendid ?
9 24 Days ? ? ? ? ?


Follow the link to a bonus to find out what it does.

Level Path of Knowledge Path of Insanity Path of Power Path of Love Path of Hate
4 'Get Info (Level 1)' 'Clean Wound' 'Trap Immunity' 'Refresh' 'Rage'
7 'Get Info (Level 2)' 'Fill' 'Erupt'&'Freeze' 'Enchant' ?
? ? ? ? ? ?


You start meditating.

Failed attempt

  • You fail to relax.


  • You recently meditated here and need to find new insights somewhere else.

You need to move 10 tiles in one direction to meditate again when you get this message. Note that you can still join a path after meditating even if you receive this message, so it can be safely ignored if you aren't looking for skill.

  • This is indeed a special place.

You have found a special tile that belongs to a path. (no message on special tiles of the path of insanity)

  • You decide to start pursuing the insights of the path of knowledge

Message you get if you choose yes in a path dialog (see above)

  • You still need to let your progress sink in for several hours / days / more than a week / a few weeks

After meditating again on a special tile (after choosing path dialog) you get this message on top of the recent meditation message.

  • You gain no inspiration here for your own path.

If you meditate on a special tile that is on a path other than the one you have chosen you will receive this message.

  • You should return here when you have become better at meditating.

You have found a "special tile" but do not have the required skill to start a path.

Successful attempt

You fall into a trance.

  • A sense of hopelessness suddenly strikes.
  • Am I here, really?
  • Are there people who are soulless?
  • Are they after you?
  • Are you all that honest?
  • Can something good come from small children fighting with each other?
  • Can you change anything in your life for the better?
  • Can you freeze water with thoughts?
  • Can you picture a situation where could you kill someone?
  • Does everything have a shadow somewhere?
  • Does hurting someone really hurt you more?
  • Does meditating really help anything?
  • Does what you do have any effect at all?
  • Do you believe in what people say or what people do?
  • Do you know anyone who has had a perfect childhood?
  • Do you know anyone who has not had a tainted childhood?
  • Do you let too many things slip?
  • Do you often lie or take chances when you are asked to speak?
  • Do you taint people by complaining about things to them?
  • Do you try to control things you should not or can not?
  • Do people grow taller from love?
  • If something sees light as something else, how does it look?
  • Is it better to protect a child or let it risk a severe bruise now and then?
  • Is it possible to move along the chain of time?
  • Is it really the same river the next time you step into it?
  • Is fear and hate the same thing?
  • Is letting go good or bad? Can I overcome my fears?
  • Is love a large hole that needs to be filled or is it something else?
  • Is there a physical representation of chance?
  • Is there a smallest particle?
  • Isn't life really pretty disgusting?
  • Isn't most things very predictive?
  • It sure is a nice day.
  • May your mere appearance change the course of events?
  • Maybe we all have our problems?
  • Should children really be allowed to sort out their indifferences themselves?
  • Should you accept when someone destroys what you love?
  • Should you be doing something completely different right now?
  • Should you trust someone more because the person sounds more convincing?
  • The image of a sprout growing through hard dirt comes to mind.
  • The light in a drop of water.
  • The sky lifts your heart.
  • The thought of the highest mountain makes your mind wander.
  • The thought that someone is watching strikes you.
  • The image of a small baby surrounded by snakes comes to mind.
  • The vision of slow flowing rivers calms your mind.
  • This place reminds you of home for some reason.
  • What do the gods want?
  • What if light and dirt is the same thing, just in different shapes.
  • What is the difference between an arrow fired and an arrow sheathed?
  • What is the difference between words spoken and words thought?
  • What is the smallest thing you can do that has effect on another person?
  • What is your spirit made of?
  • What lies have you been told this week?
  • What makes trees grow?
  • What would you do if you possessed most knowledge in the world?
  • When? When when when?
  • When you judge and limit someone, does that limit you as well?
  • Where does eternity begin?
  • Where does my soul live as I leave my body?
  • Which path should you choose today?
  • Will you care about what happens after you are dead?
  • Who decides who is allowed to complain about something?
  • Who has the right to lock someone up?
  • Who was that?
  • You are beset by thoughts of demons.
  • You consider the wind and the places it goes.
  • You decide not to breathe at all. Does the future already exist?
  • You envision fire along the horizon. Dark clouds above.
  • You envision yourself teaching to the masses.
  • You feel the Earth and what walks on it
  • You feel like laughing like a donkey.
  • You focus on breathing.
  • You listen to the wind.
  • You ponder the miners, digging deep in the darkness of the mountains.
  • You think about how people can torture each other and who decides who will live and who will die.
  • You think about hurricanes and volcanoes and how it would feel to be one.
  • You think about rain.
  • You think about sunshine.
  • You think about the craftsmen, tinkering and toiling.
  • You think about the most perfect person you have met.
  • You think about the sea and the creatures that swim in it.
  • You think about your barriers for learning and how to remove them.
  • You think of aggression and violence.
  • You think of all the people that decide your fate.
  • You think of heroes and whether you want to be one.
  • You think of the things that interest you most.
  • You think of the various ways people become the best at something and whether you should adopt some style.
  • You try to clear your mind.
  • You try to recall all the faces you have met.
  • You try to recall if someone said that the gods don't play dice.
  • You try to think of nothing here.
  • You wonder how far you can go.
  • You wonder how you would study and learn a book of lies.
  • You wonder if it is possible to find knowledge that in no possible situation would save lives.
  • You wonder if the future exists but we only see parts of it like a mountainrange.
  • You wonder if there is something really interesting out there that you haven't heard of.
  • You wonder if time can move backwards somehow.
  • You wonder if you always try to decide on the best option.
  • You wonder what you would say if you got to tell the whole world one sentence of truth.

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