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Mol-Rehan is the latest arrival to the wild lands. Driven and determined, the people of Mol-Rehan are used to being the underdog, and as a result they are not afraid of a challenge. Mol-Rehan’s emergence in Wurm was strengthened by the conversion of major Horde of the Summoned villages, which allowed Mol-Rehan to prosper. Recently, Mol-Rehan has enjoyed massive expansion from its main territory in the south west, especially in the direction of the Altar of Three. The smaller population of Mol-Rehan compared to Jenn-Kellon can sometimes leave it at a disadvantage, but Mol-Rehan still remains very competitive in terms of military capability. In part, this is due to the fact that religious emphasis in Mol-Rehan is placed more upon Magranon, the god of fighting, than Fo or Vynora.

Official backstory

Mol-Rehan is the oldest kingdom. In fact, its first king, Johen King, was the source of the title 'King'.

Current kingdom

For the current player made kingdom, see Empire of Mol Rehan.