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|image=Ornate fountain.png
|image=Ornate fountain.png
|active=[[stone chisel]]
|active=[[stone chisel]]
|passive=[[rock shards]] (132.00 kg)
|passive=[[stone shards]] (132.00 kg)
|group=Fountains and wells
|group=Fountains and wells

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Main / Skills / Masonry / Stone Cutting / Ornate fountain

Ornate fountain
A Ornate fountain
  • Ornate fountain (120.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A low stone fountain with a basin wide enough to sit in. It can hold 1125 liters of water and food.

Fountains will fill automatically when placed above underground water sources (found by divining for water).


  • Once built, it usually takes around 15 minutes for the fountain to fill. Fill times can vary slightly based on the server as well as other, in-game mechanics factors.
  • At the completion of their creation, ornate fountains cannot be picked up. They can, however, be moved using the typical move commands.
  • 12kg of shards are consumed upon each failed attempt at creation.
  • Fountains will function the same whether inside or outside of structures.
  • Ornate fountains cannot be dyed.

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