Plate armour smithing

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Skill gained while creating and improving plate armours. Influences the success ratio and the quality of the outcome.

Plate armour is created using a steel lump, adamantine lump, glimmersteel or seryll lump.


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  • Platesmith at 50 skill
  • Renowned Platesmith at 70 skill
  • Master Platesmith at 90 skill


  • For information about making steel, see the metallurgy page.
  • Use your lowest quality lump for the creation of items.
  • You can sort your lumps either by using containers or by using the "sort by quality" button on the forge's inventory menu. Using a lump more than about 10 quality higher than what you are improving can be wasteful. However using a lump only a few quality higher than the target lowers the chance to succeed, especially at higher qualities.
  • For efficient grinding, gauntlets use the least amount of lump to make or improve. Great Helms use more lump but are far more useful and easier to sell or trade.