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Playing since November 6th, 2009. Currently on JK-Wild, no village.



I'm kind of a hermit right now, I like to do my own thing. I love terraforming, so I plan on taking on some big construction projects in the future.

I have an alt on GV by the name of Bigbrother which I usually multibox while I'm doing something boring on my main.

Wiki Work

I spend a lot of time on the wiki reading articles and making changes, adding info, or cleaning up stuff while I'm playing the game.

I'm glad to do any kind of cleanup or documentation that needs to be done, just tell me. I'm not much for fieldwork though so there's a list of things that I need tested below to be verified for the wiki. If you have time, feel free to help and PM me in game or on the forums your findings.

Testing Needed

  • I compiled all of the animals fighting skills from the various bestiary pages. However, the information seems off and there's varying accounts with personal bias. I would like to know the rough minimum FS required to solo each animal in no armor, studded leather armor, and chain armor; preferably with no shield and using two long swords. This is very important info that many people want to know and would reference on the wiki daily.

Wiki Projects

  • Standardize all bestiary pages to a similar format with easy to skim information on the side, similar to the crafting articles standard.
  • Add the in-game "Examine" description in italics under the description header in the wiki article of each item, structure, terrain, and creature.


Trollslayer Digger