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Mayor of [[Undefined settlement|Horde Tip]] village.
Mayor of [[Undefined settlement|THe Echo]] village in Independence server.

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Current situation

At the moment, player is not active in Wurm Online, but can be found on Wurm Unlimited Dakotija server. Friends are welcome to join.


Mayor of THe Echo village in Independence server.


Skills training in priority order

Primary: Mining, Black Smith.

Secondary: Massonary, Carpentry.

Hobbies: Land shaping, Forestry, Exploring.


  • Digger
  • Excavator
  • Land Shaper
  • Mason
  • Trollslayer
  • Handyman
  • Miner
  • Carpenter
  • Lumberjack
  • Blacksmith
  • Renowned Blacksmith
  • Renowned Carpenter
  • Tim the Toolman
  • Prime Minester
  • Lumberjack
  • Farmer
  • High Mason
  • Repireman
  • Soldier

[This title was given by Mystecore when i've reached the tip of irc flaming mountain]

  • Sexual Deviant

Taking orders for

  • Single or mass production of blacksmith items up to 60ql
  • Single or mass production of carpentry items up to 60ql
  • Flattening works. Thats not important where you want to make deed if that wont take ages, i will do that.


  • BS - 0.5c/ql (i don't take orders for lower then 50ql) up to 60ql atm.
  • BS brass, bronze - 0.7c/ql (i don't take orders for lower then 50ql) up to 60ql atm.
  • Unskilled bulk items 10c per 100 actions
  • Possible to get discounts for bigger oreders

Write me message in forums or PM in game to get details.




I was villager of great Shanbobka village with Stika as mayor. Very nice place, great people. But because Wurm bugs with animals - Stika left Wurm and Shanbobka will die (new edit: stika and Shangtsug moved to wild, so Shanbobka was disbanded) in quick future, so i had two choices: Leave Wurm or Leave Shanbobka and move to new place.

I've decided to give Wurm another chance and moved very far to North from NT. Established my little Homestead.

Dakotas Peace

That's first my Homestead. Established it far away from any active town in the NW map corner. Later i saw that there is Port Isengard village not far away. When people started to wait boats, a lot newbies started to wonder around. So i exchanged HS with Pathfinder and moved to work with Highway project.

Port Isengard

When i finally came in place where planned to build mountain pass to Gods->Oakvaley road, saw that some guys from Port Isengard already works there. So i temporally joined this village to help with this project.

Yeagle Bay

Near mountain pass project place i found very beautiful place for village. Planted there size 5 homestead for security reasons. Started flattening. Built road to it and some temporally houses. When collected more money, in same place established village. In time flow it was disbanded 'cause upkeep, but 5days later i replanted it.


Size 5 village, was South from Saimling on the tip of mountain. The only connection to public road net was throw tunnel made by Insanity Hills villagers. Village was disbanded cause upkeep when mayor Tokeiito took the brake from Wurm.

Defessus Corner

21x31 solo deed NW from Cave Canal. Deed was disbanded so that Frontier could expand. All villagers moved to Defessus Corner Port

Defessus Corner Port

20x5 solo deed. NE from Defessus Corner. Has trader, huge mine, port. Deed was expanded to 28x7 and lost its 'solo' status. At the moment it has 14 villagers. 5 of them are very active. Village was sold.

Horde Tip

Big village on Horde mountain TIP. Currently its not accessible by public. Only alliance members and villagers can access it. Village is surrounded by big area of forest.



  • none


  • Mountain pass to connect Port Isengard to the NT roads network. Project is in final, but most hardest part in the middle of mountains. Cause server changes, this project was not finished.