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A portal is a gateway to another land, which can be used to instantly teleport you to another server in Wurm.


On Haven the portal can be found at the end of the tutorial. This portal is one-way, so be sure of your decision before you choose to enter it. This portal will allow you to choose the server for your character to start the game on.

IMPORTANT: Starting on the Northern Freedom Isles server will prevent your character from ever traveling to a different server cluster, and starting on any other server cluster will prevent that character ever traveling to Northern Freedom Isles.


Epic Portals are player made structures. When you Use an Epic portal for the first time on either the Wild or Freedom servers you are presented with a choice of the available Epic servers. Upon making your selection your account will switch to a fresh set of skills, your inventory will remain behind, and you will appear on the server you selected.

Skills on the Epic server are separate from your skills on Freedom/Wild, the same range of skills are available but they function differently. Skill gain is around twice as fast and they follow the Curve formula instead of normal numerical levels.

When you enter an Epic portal whilst on one of the Epic servers you will return to the server you originally came from and your skills and inventory will be as they were when you left.

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