Potion of woodcutting

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Potion of woodcutting
A Potion of woodcutting
  • Potion of woodcutting (0.10 kg)
Skill and improvement



A small flask containing an bright green shining fluid.

Potion created by mixing forest giant blood with source salt.


Activate the potion and right-click a hatchet. Choose "Alchemy > Imbue" from the menu.

To then check the imbuement's power, simply examine the hatchet.


  • Felled trees cut with an imbued hatchet have increased quality which can actually exceed that typically produced by the player's base woodcutting skill alone.
  • Imbue effects slowly fade away with time.

Imbue formula

  • Imbues now add a bonus of up to 25% of the difference between the result quality and 100 at 100 imbue power. This can exceed your gathering skill.
    • The formula for determining the resulting QL is: base QL + ((100-base QL) * ((Imbue power / 100) / 4)
    • Any rune bonus is applied before the imbue bonus.
    • Imbue bonus will not exceed the actual vein's QL.