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Range Pole
A Range Pole
Total materials
  • Range pole (0.1 kg)
Skill and improvement


A range pole used in surveying operations. It has bands of the same thickness of alternating colours (white and red).


When another player uses a Dioptra on you, a string of event window messages will follow:

  • <Player> waves at you.
  • <Player> just signaled to you, so make sure you are holding your range pole and you are facing them!

A range pole is used by right-clicking the ground with it activated and choosing "Hold" in the menu. This will prompt the following event window messages:

  • You hold the range pole vertically in front of you.
  • You call out to the range pole. It better be ready now!
  • Your arms have got tired holding the range pole vertical in front of you, so you stop.

Additional Notes

  • The staff must be made out of wood.
  • The maximum distance in metres between planner and helper is pole quality x 1.6. As an approximation for the number of tiles the user can span with the pole's use, the formula is quality x 0.4.

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