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Runes are items that can be used to give other items a bonus, or used one time to activate their effect.

There are 65 different rune effects in Wurm, using combinations of 13 different metals and 5 possible gods available.


Stone Rune of Vynora, Brass

Runes are crafted by using different materials found at rifts (rift crystal, rift stone shard, and rift wood) combined with a lump of metal. The different combinations will create different rune types, each type giving a different effect.

When crafting a rift resource with a lump of metal, you are given the option of 5 different rune types:

Crystal runes use jewelry smithing to create. Stone runes use stonecutting, and wood runes use fine carpentry.

Each god and metal combination creates a rune of a different effect; that is, a brass rune of Libila will not have the same effect as a brass rune of Magranon. Some may be similar in effect, with different strengths. Any player of any religion can make any rune of any god-type. However, creating runes of one's own corresponding god-type gives a bonus and is easier at creation. Jackal runes are, therefore, the most difficult to work with all the way around.


The combination of metal type and god type will determine the effect of a rune.

The rift resource used will determine what the rune can be attached to or used on.

  • Rift wood runes - can be used on wooden items, and use fine carpentry skill to create.
  • Rift crystal runes - can be used on metal items, and use jewelry smithing skill to create.
  • Rift stone runes - can be used on stone, pottery, cloth and leather items, and use stonecutting skill to create.


Rune Combination List
Metal Fo Jackal Libila Magranon Vynora The Scavenger**
Adamantine 5% less enchant decay, 5% Enchant Success 1x Random color on item 10% Less enchant decay 10% Vehicle Speed 7.5% Vehicle Speed, 5% Less decay 10% enchant success, 10% less decay
Brass 5% More quality when imped, 5% higher gathering QL "Decent" Glow "Okay" Glow, 5% higher gather QL 10% more quality when imped "Slight" Glow, 7.5% more quality when imped 10% less damage taken, 10% less weight
Bronze 10% Wind Speed 1x Goat Shape (Spell) 10% higher gather QL 5% higher gather QL, 5% less enchant decay 7.5% Wind Speed, 5% Vehicle Speed 10% more quality when imped, 10% less enchant decay
Copper 1x Charm Animal (Spell) 5% Higher improve chance, 5% Less Decay on contents 1x Locate Soul (Spell) 5% Higher improve chance, 5% Increased rarity chance 7.5% Higher improve chance 10% Higher improve chance, 10% less QL loss from repairing
Electrum 1x Reduce creature's age * N/A N/A N/A N/A ?
Glimmersteel 10% skill level bonus 5% skill level bonus, 5% more quality when imped 10% usage speed 5% usage speed, 5% skill level bonus 5% usage speed, 5% more quality when imped 10% usage speed, 10% shatter resistance
Gold 10% raking/harvesting 10% reduced size 5% raking/harvesting, 5% less weight (any item) 5% reduced size, 5% less weight 1x reveal creatures (Spell) 10% less QL loss from repairing, 10% less damage taken
Iron 10% less fuel usage 5% raking/harvesting, 5% less decay (any item) 1x light token (Spell) 1x sunder (spell) 5% less fuel usage, 5% less decay 10% reduced size, 10% less enchant decay
Lead 5% less QL loss from repairing, 5% usage speed 10% less volume 5% reduced volume, 5% usage speed 10% less QL lost when repaired 5% less QL lost when repaired, 5% increased volume 10% reduced volume, 10% usage speed
Seryll 10% enchant success 5% enchant success, 5% less QL loss from repairing 5% shatter resistance, 5% less QL loss from repairing 10% shatter resistance 5% shatter resistance, 5% enchant success 10% enchant success, 10% shatter resistance
Silver "Okay glow", 5% skill level bonus "Okay glow", 7.5% increased volume 5% increased volume, 5% less decay on contents 10% increased volume 10% less decay on contents 10% increased volume, 10% less decay on contents
Steel 5% less decay, 5% less damage taken 10% less decay 5% less damage taken, 5% wind speed (any item) 5% reduced decay, 5% more wind speed (any item) 10% less damage taken 10% less damage taken, 10% less decay
Tin 5% increased rarity chance, 5% less damage taken 1x refresh (Spell) 5% increased rarity chance, 5% higher improve chance 1x mole senses (Spell) 10% increased rarity chance 10% increased rarity chance, 10% higher improve chance
Zinc 1x morning fog (Spell) 5% less weight, 5% vehicle speed (any item) 10% less weight 5% increased size, 5% vehicle speed (any item) 1x mend (Spell) 10% less weight , 10% increased size
  • * Reduces age by a percentage of the current age. Creatures cannot be pregnant when the rune is used. The minimum age this can be used on is Aged (12 months)
  • ** Runes of The Scavenger can be found on items recovered through Restoration, and cannot be created or attached to existing items.
  • *** "Skill level bonus" reduces the distance of the skill's value from 100 by the percentage given, but only for the purpose of random skill checks. For example, a pickaxe with this rune would harvest slightly higher quality ore on average, but will not increase the maximum quality possible.


  • Application of runes can usually be done by the owner. For vehicles, manage permission is required.
  • Chance to successfully attach a rune depends on Soul Depth and the Quality of the rune.
  • On-deed, the player doing the attaching must have improve/repair and pickup permissions.
  • Can only attach them to completed items.
  • Only one rune can be attached to an item.
    • Attaching a new rune will replace the previous rune.
    • If replacing the color change rune (Adamantine, Jackal), the color will remain on the item.

Additional Notes

  • Creation success will consume 0.2kg of the material, failure consumes 0.01kg.
  • Runes decay dramatically fast outside of inventory.
  • Runes are removed by a priest's dispel casting.
    • Runes can also be replaced by attaching a new rune.
  • Runes with the Glow effect cannot be applied to items that can be lit, such as forges or smelters.
  • Runes that increase volume will allow the affected container to hold more of items that already fit.
  • Runes that increase size will allow the affected container to hold bigger items.
  • Any runes on weapon heads or spear heads will transfer over to the completed item when combined.

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