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*[[Player:Khalad|Khalad]] - Weaponsmith, Blacksmith
*[[Player:Khalad|Khalad]] - Weaponsmith, Blacksmith
*[[Player:Lordi|Lordi]] - Trollslayer
*[[Player:Lordi|Lordi]] - Trollslayer
*[[Player:MainCorpse|MainCorpse]] - Magranon Priest
*[[Player:Neddie|Neddie]] - Fo Priest
*[[Player:Neddie|Neddie]] - Fo Priest

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A village like any other


Wintersolstice (Mee as Mayor's bodyguard)

30 (26 active)




Rivendell is the new name, for a newly built town, on a newly created map of Wurm. But it is the 4th incarnation, of what the concepts and beliefs, of a small group of people (Northernstar, Clipcomet & Wintersolstice) who saw the need for change from within the game of 'Wurm Online' was needed at the player level and decided to do something about it.

So Northernstar invited the newbie Wintersolstice, who was then named Mrasshole, to join the town of White Templers on the northern coast, one of the two nearest settlement to the isle that held the Altar of Three and the White Light, the other was the Hidden City of Mist. Clipcomet took the newbie under his wing and helped him out when needed. The map ended not long after and the last beta map soon would start.

When the last Beta map started Wintersolstice joined Fathertime and a couple others, headed to the northeast corner of the map and found Haven Lake and the spot for the town of Haven.



  • Wintersolstice - Lord mayor - [Ageless, Blacksmith, Keeper of Faith, Renowned Blacksmith]
  • Maz - Co-mayor - [Ageless, High Mason]
  • Seanstinson - Co-mayor - Cook, Jewelsmith, Digger, Warrior, Mason


  • Mee - Mayor's bodyguard - Smither, Woodcutter, Weaponsmither, Warrior, Carpenter, Miner [Trollslayer, Keeper of Faith]


  • Keyos - Header Elder - [Ageless, Keeper of Faith, High Mason, Digger, Excavator]
  • Annette - Co-mayor - [Mason, Miner, Handyman, Trollslayer, PrimeMinester, Digger]
  • Bruks/Brukspatron - [Ageless, Keeper of Faith]
  • Cooljpx - Vynora Priest


  • Ancient - Carpenter, Woodcutter [Ageless, Keeper of Faith, Trollslayer]
  • Demondan - Fletcher, Digger, Carpenter
  • Fredericks - Locksmith, Digger
  • Freddy - Cook, Carpenter, Farmer, Prospector [Keeper of Faith, Caterer, Trollslayer, Carpenter, Fine Carpenter]
  • Garah - N/A
  • Ianpwnsjoo - Digger, Trollslayer, Carpenter, Chainsmith, Fighter, Medic
  • Jaytisanoob
  • Jakeo - Slave Jewelrysmither, Carpentry, Masonry
  • Khalad - Weaponsmith, Blacksmith
  • Lordi - Trollslayer
  • MainCorpse - Magranon Priest
  • Neddie - Fo Priest
  • Nevrax
  • Nickromancer - Vynora Priest
  • Noahm - Weaponsmith, Armoursmithing, Alchemist, Bow-Making
  • Rudie - [Ageless, Blacksmith, Digger, Excavator, Trollslayer, Lumberjack, Mason, Handyman]
  • Phil
  • Ronn
  • Wicko - Fisher, Farmer, Carpenter


  • [14:06:54] You find 37 copper and 50 iron in the coffers of Lo Bridge Outpost.
    Participants: Kingen, Peo, Baldeagleog, Madt, Wwiiol, Tehheretic, Mee
  • [18:31:07] You find 37 copper and 50 iron in the coffers of Lo Bridge Outpost
    Participants: Kingen, Peo, Mee, Khalad, Deanys, Demondan, Baconfiftyfive(Fort Mole), Garah, Ianspwnsjoo, Nevrax(Vanguard)