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Sleep bonus (SB) provides a period of increased skill, characteristic, and stamina gain. This is a way to help players who can not play for many hours each day, without hindering players who can stay logged on for a long time.


Sleep bonus is gained through the use of a bed: log out by right-clicking a vacant bed inside a completed house and select 'Bed' > 'Sleep'. A player receives 1 minute of sleep bonus for every 24 minutes of sleep, with a maximum of 5 hours of stored sleep bonus. Minimum time to stay asleep is 1 hour. (All times are in real-life time, not Wurm time.)

You can freeze and resume the consumption of sleep bonus with the command '/fsleep'. There is a 4 minute delay before you can resume using SB after turning it off, but the opposite has no delay.

You can use the '/sleep' command or press F5 to see your current remaining sleep bonus and whether it is frozen or not.


  • 3x stamina regeneration
  • 2x skill/stat gain


Hours of sleepBonus time, in minutes
120 (five days)5 hours = the maximum


  • Sometimes skill gain is so small that you won't be sure sleep bonus is working or not. Set "Skillgain tab updates" to "Per 0.001 increase" in Settings, Text tab.
  • Sleep bonus does not affect the main fighting skill (unless using the practice doll). However, its subskills (defensive, aggressive, and normal) and other fighting-related skills, such as shields and swords, and also archery and its subskills, do receive the bonus.
  • Sleep bonus has no effect on faith, alignment, favor.
  • Sleep powder grants the user one hour of sleep bonus.
  • Rite spells give 5 hours of sleep bonus to the relevant god's followers who pray within 24 hours of the spell being cast.
  • The Vynoran spell Wisdom of Vynora can be used to transform a players available fatigue into sleep bonus.
  • Sometimes SB is awarded for everybody as a compensation for some server problem that prevented normal Wurm play. Sporadically, there are times where players will have 10 hours of Sleep bonus unintendedly if the player has 5 hours accumulated already. This does not increase the pool of sleep you're able to accumulate and after you cannot gain any sleep bonus above 5 hours through sleeping if you're over your 5 hours despite having had 10 hours. Per Keenan: "Sleep bonus has a hard cap of 10 hours, and a soft cap of 5 or 6 depending on if you've completed the journal entry. This means that as a player, you can only gain up to 5 or 6 hours respectively, whereas we can grant sleep bonus up to a maximum of 10 hours total on your character."