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A spawn is the occurrence in which creatures are created, or "spawned" into the world.


  • Many animals are spawned from lairs , while many others spawn on certain types of terrain.
  • Not all creatures have the same spawn rates nor do the different maps.
  • Breeding creatures can cause them to become expectant and later deliver thus creating a player-maintained spawning circumstance.
  • Unique creatures are spawned initially at the creation of the world/map, and once a unique has been killed, a random chance of respawning for that particular creature will occur until it does actually spawn. Only one unique of any one particular type can live on a map at any given time.
  • The spawning of unique creatures also affects the natural animal habitat spawn rates. Per Retrograde: "Spawning uniques does reset the natural spawn counter."
  • While the term "spawn" traditionally refers to creatures coming forth into being, it is also popularly used in referring to the origination of other things such as NPCs (like Santa Claus) and flora and fauna into the Wurm world.