Statue of Tich

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Statue of Tich
A Statue of Tich
  • Statue of Tich (60kg)
Skill and improvement


In loving memory of our friend and developer, Tich. You can barely make out the signature of its maker ___.

A statue of a much beloved player and contributor stands in eternal remembrance.


  • A marble version of the Statue of Tich is created through stone cutting work. A metallic version of the Statue of Tich is created via the assembly of 80 archaeology fragments of its type.
  • Statues can be improved with marble shards and stone chisel if marble, or the corresponding metal, if the metal version.
  • Statues cannot be picked up by hand once finished, but can be moved with 'Push', 'Pull' and "Turn" commands.
  • Statues can be loaded into large carts or wagons (23 body strength required for loading them).