Statue of guard

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Main / Skills / Archaeology / Restoration / Statue of guard

Statue of guard
A Statue of guard
  • Statue of guard (100kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 1162g of paint.


A statue of a strong guard.

Statue of Guard is a decorative statue of a noble guard, created from 93 fragments found in the wild.


  • These statues are made by finding fragments in the wild, using the archaeology skill, then combining them, which gives restoration skill.
  • Statues can be improved once completed, with their corresponding materials.
  • Statues cannot be picked up by hand once finished, but can be moved with 'Push', 'Pull' and 'Turn' commands.
  • Statues can be loaded into large carts or wagons (23 body strength required for loading them).

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