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This page is a good idea, but we need to consider how it fits in with regard to Server Types, Astronomy and geography and Tutorials. - Dashiva 09:16, 26 September 2008 (CDT)

A good idea - I agree, but heavily redundant when considered with other information present on the wiki. Seems to confuse more than it helps, though - Ephemeral 04:01, 27 September 2008 (CDT)

My reasoning was that I had found no obvious intro to how the server structures work and remember being baffled for months about exactly what Wild was and how one got there.
The Server Types page is not really what you would call a bite sized overview of the general Wurm server structure from a player perspective, at least not for the newer player that I was aiming to help understand the game more quickly.
Maybe my page should link to the other via a couple of brief paragraphs? I have certainly found the map page incredibly useful and think it was an overight not to link to it.
For a start, I think it would be good to write an overall paragraph about how the world looks, and how to navigate between continents. Under each server's heading, list the settlement categories and one or two prominent maps. Rather than write about the technicalities of each server, link to Server Types. Instead write about the overall envirionment for the server, why people go there, etc. Maybe add some travel hints? - Dashiva 04:45, 28 September 2008 (CDT)
I can give that a shot. I may need some help - but I will try reorganise what I have written along those lines and add what I can think of. I'll probably need some help on some of it though - I am not widely travelled as a player.
how the world looks can you expand? like visually or maybe a kind of overview world map? the latter might be fun if my pc can handle downloading the roadmaps :P
settlement categories like village, hs, undeeded etc? or like the various kingdoms? I would have said village, hs etc would not actually belong on a page initially intended to help new players get an idea of the world geography and navigation of that
technicalities of each server dunno if I wrote anything technical (I do definitely think not liking to server types and maps was a bit of a blind ommission)
a paragraph describing the general geological look of the continents could be a lot of fun :D though I think maybe better as child pages
at the end of the day my intention here was really to provide a brief easy to read and understand synopsis of how the parts of the Wurm world are linked together and think that too much reorientation would obscure and thuis fail to achieve what I perceive to be a needful piece of information.
Then following your intentions for the guide, it's ideally complete as is after my input. All major features of the individual continents are detailed and plainly put. -Ephemeral 09:26, 30 September 2008 (CDT)