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Main Page :: Online tools and calculators


Niarja Online Skill Compare

Wurm Stats (WStats) - Discussion thread can be found here

Planning Tools

WPlanner (By Budda) (Forum thread can be found here) - Updated, versatile and user-friendly mapper program for deeds, villages and mines.

Mapper (By Discon)

Prospector (Used for finding the location of ores)

Google Sketchup (Very popular and useful planner, and easy to learn. Helps aid builders visually with it's 3D detail. You can download tiles and house models Here, which all credit is due to Tich.)

Wurm Army knife has deed mapping as part of it's functions. Forum thread for the tool. By bgantzler


Wurm Online Toolbox - Web Edition

Time calculator

Faith/Pray calculator

Favor calculator

Season calculator

Slope calculator

Compass Quality Calculator

WoA & CoC Price Calculator

Favor Calculator for Sacrificing


Wurm Online Toolbox (by Warlander) (Forum thread can be found here) - advanced laucher, collection of maps, tools, clock, calendar, log reader and everything other that Wurm player needs.

Skill Highlighter

(multipurpose) Meditation Clock

"WurmClock" (by Yaga) (Windows desktop application showing in-game time and harvest season)

"WurmYear" (by Yaga) (Windows desktop application showing in-game time of year and season)

"WurmSkills" (by Yaga) (Windows tool showing your skills over time)

"WurmStatus" (by Yaga) (Windows tool showing status information of all Wurm Online servers)

"WurmAssistant" (by Aldur) (Logfile search, various timers, Granger addon)