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== Description ==
== Description ==
''A bright white unicorn with a slender twisted horn.''
''A bright white unicorn with a slender twisted horn.''
A '''unicorn''' is a huntable and ridable [[Animals|animal]]. It is non-aggressive, but slightly stronger than a [[brown bear]].
== Breeding ==
== Breeding ==

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A Unicorn
No, this creature will not attack unprovoked.
Yes, you may tame this creature.
No, this creature is unable to be dominated.
No, this creature cannot be groomed.
Yes, with 26 body control
No, this creature cannot swim.
Butchering produces
Meat, unicorn twisted horn, hide.
Meat type
Grain, seeds and vegetables; grazes
Unicorn rustle

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A bright white unicorn with a slender twisted horn.


  • Bred unicorns have individual (but not unique) names randomly chosen at birth. They can have traits affecting their speed and other characteristics.
  • Bred unicorns have 2 foal stages (young foal and adolescent foal) before they grow to young unicorns. All foals are bred, not wild.
  • Traits have a chance to be inherited from the parents. Both parents having a trait will help but does not guarantee that trait will be passed on.


  • Unicorns are slightly faster than hell horses and significantly faster than normal horses. Also, unlike either of those, a unicorn's speed-related traits are always in effect.
  • Unicorns can be tamed with seeds, mixed grass, and other vegetation. A taming skill of 35+ is recommended for this, although successful taming has been seen at a taming skill of 20.
  • Can be ridden when tame, and can also hold a passenger. The passenger mount does not require any body control.
  • Can be hitched when tamed, but will unhitch if it becomes untamed.
  • Will be attacked by carnivorous animals and mobs.
  • Have a body strength of 30.
  • Can be equipped with saddle, bridle, and horse shoes (made of gold, silver, or electrum only)
  • Unicorns spawn on grass, steppe and mycelium tiles.
  • Unicorns are highly resistant to disease and starvation/hunger issues faced by other animals while living in less than ideal conditions. They can still suffer from these issues but typically take much longer to experience them due to triggering conditions than most other animals.


Unicorn in the wild

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