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Main / Skills / Paving / Waystone

A Waystone
Total materials
  • Waystone (6.60 kg)
Skill and improvement


A marker to designate a junction in a highway.


  • 21 paving skill is required to create, continue creating, and install a waystone.
  • Waystones are removed from a highway with either a crowbar or via replacement with a catseye.
  • To replace a waystone with a catseye, activate the catseye in your inventory, right-click the waystone, and select "replace". Note - you must be the person who planted the waystone in order to replace it in this way.
  • Waystones can be picked up into the inventory after creation.


  • In addition to typical menu items, right-clicking a waystone will also bring up the options to view protection, view links, and find route:
    • View Protection: 30-second action that highlights protected, surrounding tiles in green.
    • View Links: 30-second action that shows direction, with green arrows, to nearby waystones.
    • Find Route: Brings up a dialog box in which players can select a deed and then find directions to it. For this to work, the deed being searched must have a waystone in it and be a part of the highway system.