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:*[[Mallet]] or [[Hammer]]
:*[[Mallet]] or [[Hammer]]
=== Items Required ===
=== Items Required ===
:*9x 100kg [[Felled Tree]]s
:*10x 100kg [[Felled Tree]]s
=== Resulting Product ===
=== Resulting Product ===

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Main / Items / Fences / Wooden Palisade Gate



  1. Equip a Mallet or Hammer in your Inventory.
  2. Right click on a Tile Border.
  3. Select Fences/Build Wooden Palisade Gate.
Note: At least one 100 kg Felled Tree needs to be in your Inventory.

Tools Required

Items Required

Resulting Product


  1. Equip a Log from your Inventory.
  2. Right click on the Wooden Palisade Gate and select Improve.
Note: The Log needs to be of higher QL than the Wooden Palisade Gate to increase the QL of the Wooden Palisade Gate.


  • Can be locked with Gate Lock. A simple way to determine what key is for what lock, check the Gate Lock's QL and Key's QL. If the QL of both match, then its the right Key for that lock.
  • For Defense