Wooden nameplate

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Wooden nameplate

[[Image: |center|200px|A Wooden nameplate]]


This item cannot be crafted.


Wooden nameplate

Skill and improvement


A wooden nameplate to hang around the neck of animals. Activate the nameplate and right-click a cared-for creature in order to change its name. It is made from birchwood. It can not be improved.


  • The wooden nameplate is used on a cared for animal to give it a custom name. This completely replaces its birth name.
    • Activate the wooden nameplate, then right-click on your chosen, cared for animal.
  • It can be purchased from the Marks Shop for 18000 marks.
  • It is not tradeable.
  • Wurm rules apply when custom naming your animal. Do not give your animal a name that would break Wurm rules.