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This is a shameless, unofficial copy of the Wurm server release notes as shown by /news. Some people might find it interesting to see what has been changed over the past few months. I hope that people will be able to see just how busy Mojang has been. The section headings are the date the server was updated; YYMMDD. Please note that this page was not created by Mojang, so it is not an official document.

This page shows the release notes from 2005. The server release notes from 2004 are on a separate page as this page is getting quite large.

If anyone has the /news from before March 2004 please add it to this page.


  • A bug with containers that affected for instance piles and campfires were detected. All ash items had to be removed from the game. Possibly some items in campfires have disappeared because of the bug as well.


  • Fighting system very much remade. Creatures and weapons do other amounts of damage now. Take care while you try it out and read the forum posts.
  • Planting a size 10+ village deed now gives you a trader contract for free.
  • Fo healers will now be penalized severely for healing followers of Libila.
  • The bug where no stamina was used when creating items fixed.
  • A few bugs with cooking (mainly bugs with steaks) fixed.
  • Bug with favor going up insta fixed.
  • You now harvest maple sap with a bucket.
  • An eerie surprise!


  • Bushes and fruit trees may now be harvested.
  • Pending the fighting system overlook, some items like shafts have been made twohanded.
  • Kingdom change is now working again.
  • Cooking is now harder if not performed in an oven.
  • Some more stone decoration items added. Stonecutting is now a subskill to masonry, and replaces masonry for bricks and such. On this map, you will get stonecutting=masonry if you already have masonry.
  • Improving and repairing fences should now yield higher skill gain.


  • Your shovel/pickaxe may now get stuck while digging or mining. You have to move to free it.
  • Hammers are now improvable again.


  • Steeping is now properly called tempering. Don't ask where i got 'steeping' from since it's used for tea.
  • You now need to use a pelt instead of rags to polish things (thanks Inacron). Cats and rats have pelts.
  • You now succed in making the item on the first try 50% of the time instead of 20%.
  • A bug with tempering where water turned into an inventory item fixed. The inventorys have been changed back.
  • Objects like axes that need tempering but used to burn up should not burn any longer, so they can be tempered.
  • While finishing an item, the improvement rate has been lowered by 0.5.
  • Hammer heads and hammers can no longer be improved, since it caused annoying illogicalness.


  • Skillgain is now 5 times slower. Skill gain rates have been altered for many skills that were too slow though.
  • The bug that made it impossible to finish and improve items is fixed.


  • Item creation and improvement is now more intricate. You will now sometimes need a tool to finish creating an item or improving an item. There is a 1 in 5 chance that you succed in making the item on the first try, so eventually you will manage to make it. In the 4 other cases you will end up with an 'unfinished (name)', and will have to perform an action to finish it. Every use of a tool to finish the unfinished item will count as an improve. The reason for this is to encourage finishing those unfinished items.
  • Examining the container you are cooking in should now give a good estimation of the difficulty of the meal. The lower the difficulty the easier the meal. Difficulties were also tweaked, since it really was too hard ;) :O :P :) .
  • The 'ghost logs' bug fixed. * The bug that made it impossible to move sometimes fixed.
  • Most items will now start decaying after about 2 real days. Food starts decaying after roughly 2 ingame days.
  • The bug where rafts disappear at creation is fixed


  • Reset skills to max 20 and 1 for base characteristics.


  • The server was reset. All items, skills, structures, village are gone.
  • The reason for this is that someone got hold of an old forum backup, and managed to crack some passwords. Since we do not match your player accounts to emails we could not replace those passwords.
  • Limited skill gain per action to max 1.
  • Fixed tracking that did not increase.


  • The 'You are not trading' bug fixed.
  • Heal now removes damage correctly.
  • The price of metal art items like pendulums now is affected by their material.

Missing maybe


  • Kingdoms are now in. Kingdoms grow around villages and guard towers. Guards towers spawn guards that will hunt enemies within the kingdom border. On wild servers villages can only be built inside the kingdom (on home servers the whole server is the same kingdom), and not too close to eachother. Towers can be built inside the kingdom or very far from any kingdom, and not too close to a village or other tower.
  • Villages have a ticking upkeep now. Unless your village is payed for continuously it will be disbanded. The upkeep pays for spirit guards as well. There are three levels of upkeep that spawn one guardtype each. Guards respawn in regular intervals. Anyone may pay upkeep at the village token (village info) or at the guard management menu.
  • You may now change sex to female using the command /gofemale. The change is permanent and irreversible.
  • Healing spells now should remove the damage in the stamina bar as well.
  • Citizen-less guards should stop hunting after a while.
  • Respawning at the black altar now works.
  • Guards repeatedly overkilling bug fixed.
  • If you die in your own village or in an allied village, you now loose much less skill.
  • Prospecting for gems is no longer possible;). You now may happen to find one whenever you mine.
  • Cooking food quality is now calculated differently. It might be too hard still. * Pushing and pulling is now policed by guards.
  • On different server types:
  • Wurm will have two type of servers, 'Home' and 'Wild'. Home servers have one kingdom on the whole server. Wild servers host several kingdoms that fight for territory and resources.
  • Since we are testing PvP/PvE this is currently a Wild server.
  • On Home servers, GM's will act as a police force, protecting players from intra-kingdom griefing and will punish thieves if they are caught.
  • On Wild servers, GM interaction is supposed to be kept to a minimum. Use /dev to report bugs and abuse.


  • Made it easier finding gems. You will however need 20+ prospecting skill to have a chance to prospect them. You may mine them by chance at any skill.


  • Model name bug fixed.
  • You may now find (very rare) gems while mining. High prospecting will help. Prospecting now damages the pickaxe.
  • You may now create satchels and backpacks.
  • Armour chains are no longer ql-capped at skill/5. You may no longer improve them either.
  • Fixed a bug with lootable corpses.


  • 4 people had managed to run into a bug that gave them 100 faith. Bug fixed and their faith set to 10 instead.
  • Some spell costs tweaked.


  • Armour now takes half the damage it used to.
  • Faith gain is back, but in a new shape. You must pray at altars to gain faith. Deities will only be pleased about 5 times per 24 hours, and with 20 minutes in between.
  • Favor slowly rises automatically, faster when praying. High favor is very hard to attain, making for very potent spells later on. Spells have been adjusted accordingly. More spells will come soon.
  • Dishes now need meat or fish to become really good.
  • Bug with woodscraps fixed. Yoyo's should be available again.


  • Bug with landscapes around willows and oaks being disrupted fixed.
  • Faith gain put on hold pending new implementation.


  • Pvp is now allowed again.
  • Non-libilians may not loot corpses from the same kingdom unless they issue the command /release corpse.
  • /release corpse makes all your current corpses lootable by the same kingdom.
  • When joining a village, your reputation is now cleared.
  • Bug with moving forges and similar items fixed.


  • This week should be quite heavy with updates.
  • In this update, kingdoms are supported. Attacking people from the same kingdom will give severe penalties (except for followers of Libila). You should only be able to interact with members of other kingdoms through local chat, fighting (still NOT allowed!), and emotes right now. Guards WILL attack players from other kingdoms.
  • Charcoal piles and plate smithing now shows as a construction option for newbies.
  • Tool skills are now rolled when creating items instead of simply giving a bonus, so you gain tool skill now but may fail more often.
  • The friends and ignored lists have been reset, since I changed the save format.
  • You may now join Libila and the Horde of the Summoned regardless of alignment. Your alignment will become negative permanently, and you may never return to the good side.
  • Wound bug where you could not heal others while wounded fixed.
  • Two handed weapons like huge axe, twohanded sword, large maul now needs to be wielded with both hands, and no shield may be used. If you are wielding two axes, remove one and the shield. Fighting using both is considered using an exploit and a bannable offence.
  • Fruit trees produce less wood than normal trees. Bushes produce no wood. New items will now have the woodtype (although invisible in most cases). Old items are made from birch. Birch burns better than other woodtypes, cedar decays slower, oak takes less damage. Oak grows slower. Willows and oaks kill nearby trees.
  • Wall and fence damage is now much more dependant on quality level when destroying, so improve them to at least above ql 20.

Use /dev to report bugs and abuse.


  • Improving now works as intented.
  • Practice dolls are capped at about 20 for fighting skillgain.


  • Clay items are now repair/improvable.
  • Skill progression has been tweaked and should be faster in most cases.
  • The bug that crashed the game was fixed.
  • Democracies may no longer revoke citizenships.
  • You may now select to no longer be a citizen of your village by using /revoke.


  • Kingdom chat is now optional. Toggle it with /kchat.
  • Creation menus bug fix.
  • Fish sizes increased so endless amounts shouldn't fit in containers.
  • Logs used in improving now is depleted, not damaged.
  • Improving now requires 10 times less raw materials, and depletion is done upon finishing the action.
  • Muting now stays between logins.
  • Fishing rods now take some damage when a fish is caught.


  • Improving items now use resources instead, and 'simple improvable' items like weapons now start at a capped ql so you will have to improve them.


  • Item creation bug fixed.
  • Overall creation times have increased slightly. Endless amounts of items were created before. We're going to change the way items are created in the future.


  • Woodcutting skill should progress faster.
  • Newbies may now /shout.
  • Fish weight is now considered when fishing.
  • You may now no longer leave buildings through locked doors.
  • Removed the initial cap for improvable items since it diminished the use of raw material ql. Improvable items instead takes longer to create. Skillgain for improving items tripled. Improving ql cap increased. All this is subject to change, don't panic.


  • Skills now normally update at the end of an action. Thus, progress has changed and may be flawed in some occasions. This will be trimmed in.
  • Improving items now has a max limit quality level.
  • Items should fit better in containers and cooked items shouldn't disappear without a dish appearing.
  • A destroy option is now available on structure writs.
  • Non-newbies may now /shout again.
  • Armour now takes 5 times more damage.


  • Name check was removed for the weekend pending a name-change implementation.


  • The bug with containers that will not hold items or water fixed.
  • Hot food quality now depends much more on cooking skill.
  • Bug found with key copying. Still untested though.
  • Mining and wall/fence building now takes longer time again to preserve the economy.
  • Name censoring working now. Some of you may have lost your account due to this. We have no quick fix right now.


  • Various bug fixes from bugzilla.
  • Some unique creatures to stay away from.
  • More actions now take less time.
  • You should not be able to insert large amounts of food into small containers any more.
  • Damage to walls increased.


  • Bug fixes:
  • Charcoal piles work again.
  • Wooden shields are now created from nails and planks.
  • You now need skill to build steep fences.
  • You may now improve metal altars using a chisel.
  • Creatures should not enter houses. Still some pathfinding cleanup left though.
  • Bug with increasing deed size fixed.
  • Faith gain speed increased. Bury no longer gives faith.
  • Creatures will be a bit more aggressive.


  • A few more fascist checks for dragging items that are inside a building while you have walked outside implemented.
  • You may now drag liquid to and fill liquid containers that contain food only.
  • Burning items and lighting fires through windows are now blocked.


  • Ghost structure bug fixed.
  • Bears now look like cows instead of humans.
  • Respawning bug fixed.
  • Combine bug fixed.
  • Drinking and eating now theft-protected.


  • Foraged food now yields more. Forageable tiles are a little bit more sparse.
  • Guests shouldn't be able to create water items outside containers anymore.
  • You may now select where you want to spawn after a death. The command /respawn may come in handy at times.
  • Animals should hunt less ferociously and may possibly be fooled.

Behave like this, please: For different reasons we have turned off PvP. Since the future will hold different sides, you are now expected to act as if you were on the same side in a huge war. The future will allow same-side griefing but it will be severely penalized. Since neither both sides nor the penalty system is in place, griefers WILL be banned. Griefing now includes bullying, stealing, and menacing in general. Respect non-deeded settlements as if they were actually deeded and guarded when it comes to stealing, building, farming, terraforming etc. GM's are called upon to uphold the law. Use /dev to report abuse. Thank you for your patience!


  • Food system changed like this:
  • All grass tiles yield forage once every 24 hours.
  • Food you forage may feed you up to a certain limit due to its low quality.
  • Raw fish and meat gives more, and cooked meals up to max.
  • Your stamina level may go up to 4 times your food level.


  • Welcome to a clean slate!
  • We are testing newbie progress, so no deeds will be given out.
  • You have a bank account at your disposal on the village token to protect some of your things.
  • We are still going to add features not yet in, so don't expect everything to be totally smooth.
  • Good luck and take care!

Behave like this, please: Full PvP is in. This means you may in theory attack anyone. Your deity and local laws may prevent this though. Village diplomats may declare wars on other villages. When both parties have accepted they should then be able to attack eachother with no penalties from their respective deity. A village that has been declared war upon has 24 hours to accept. As soon as they accept, the village war is on. You may not decline a village war declaration. Domains of deities give bonuses to their followers and others of the same alignment. This system should work, but a GMs word is law!


  • Bug with excessive faith progress fixed.
  • Clay decay time increased.
  • Bandaging bug fixed so now you can bandage others again


  • Piles and containers as well as carts should now be theft-protected. Food still not though.
  • Creatures hunt again. Reputations go up slower.
  • Small chance for critical hits to players are now in. No fighting should be totally safe anymore.
  • We removed the teleport wands since they have proven to be extremely unbalanced.


  • Charcoal piles should work again.
  • Farming ql is more proper again, and farming takes less time.
  • Banks finally work.
  • Bug with theft fixed.
  • Faith for followers of Libila shouldn't decrease while attacking now.


  • Fatigue is implemented. You receive 4 real hours per real day to perform 'fatiguing' tasks. Fatiguing tasks are usually things that take time. The main reason behind fatigue is to prevent action queueing, but it also serves well in other departments. Some actions may seem stupid to crave fatigue like track, yoyoing or praying, but learn to save some fatigue for those tasks. You may pool up to 8 hours of fatigue. You receive 1 hour of fatigue every 6 hours. Type /fatigue to check how much time you have left. Stamina rises faster, hunger and thirst slower as a compensation.
  • Pathfinding works better.
  • Theft prevention is now implemented. Some deities will not allow you to pick up things in villages you are not at war with and where you are not citizen or ally, or in any structure where you are not guest. Guards also enforce this rule. Use the trade window to swap items as a standard. You may however drop things and pick them up again anywhere. You may of course also disobey your deity or take your chances with the guards. Use the legal and faith modes to do this. NOTE: To protect old items, you have to drop them once first.
  • The server may lag, since items inside containers decay again.
  • Faith now work like skills, and go up even slower. Switch tasks to see if you gain more faith if it stops moving.
  • Unlit charcoal piles now decay slower.
  • You may now make kindling from wood scrap(!).
  • Harvests now yield slightly lower quality levels. Max ql is less also.
  • Bears and wolves are now common in forests. They may wander into settlements but will not hunt into them.