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Release notes by year:
2021 - 2020 - 2019- 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004

100204 New bins fixed

  • You can now add combined items to the bulk containers and they will keep the correct amount of weight.
  • Trash bins now instadestroy damaged items within the hour. If an item is undamaged, it will receive a small amount of damage the first hour instead and be destroyed the second.

100203 Better bulk containers

  • The bulk containers have been made drag and drop and you can drag directly from piles on the ground. Old bulk container items have been lost as per the previous warning about changing the way they store data.
  • Trash bins have been added. They create extra-high decay.
  • A new command /fsleep has been added. /fsleep - freezes or thaws the consumption of sleep bonus. May be toggled every 5 minutes. This toggle is reset every time you log off.
  • You may no longer found deeds until the new deed system is in place.

100201 Bulk containers should be emptied

  • The bulk containers will be changed to use drag and drop and contain various types of items. The way they store data will change in a way that can not be migrated, so they will loose the items contained during the next update. Since we are talking about low cost items this will hopefully not be a big problem but please remove the items you wish to keep. Expect the next update to come on wednesday.
  • More "no target" situations were identified and removed. Note that you may not receive a warning about these in the future since you shouldn't count on loosing your target while fighting.
  • Some of the new items on the traders received new prices or names.

100129 Refunds and fighting

  • The mayor will now be refunded if you disband your village. The mayor receives the remaining upkeep minus one month worth of upkeep. The deed will remain in inventory and the status will be set to unused.
  • You may also refund the unused deeds. Right-click the unused deed and you will receive the value of the deed in your bank account.
  • Because this may swamp the economy with silver coins and we need the income from silver sales, we have added some new items at the traders that you can spend it on. When someone purchases one of these items, half of the money is returned to economy so it is good for everyone involved. More here: [1]
  • A bug with digging was fixed
  • Creatures should keep or gain fat levels at a better rate (Thanks Wollschaf)
  • There has been some changes to fighting:
  1. You should no longer be able to "no-target" or "stop" mid fight and regain stamina.
  2. You are now more vulnerable when casting spells, healing or doing other things. (The range for casting will have to be looked at)
  3. The path of hate bonus damage multiplier has been lowered to 1.5 and doesn't stack with certain other bonuses.
  4. Hots now properly loose alignment when they slay a player.
  • Oh there are two new items: Crops hoppers and bulk containers. These may have no proper models yet. They average the ql of bulk items added such as logs, rocks (and grain) etc. They virtually stop decay of these items but as they take decay damage themselves 10% of the contents are destroyed. They decay like normal wood items such as chests. Play around with them cautiously. Once they are destroyed the items inside are gone. There is a small loss in average quality level because otherwise they can be somewhat exploited.

100126 Upcoming deed changes

  • Because of upcoming deed changes the current traders no longer have settlement deeds available for purchase. You can read the current suggestion here.
  • The bugged items that could not be used were removed.
  • A small bug with item leftover material was fixed.

100125 Spell power changes

  • Aggressive spells now have a higher minimum effectiveness, removing the risk that you cast a successful but useless spell.
  • The cure spells were too easy to obtain for Fo priests, creating exploitability by turning priest before battles. You will now receive these at a faith level above 30.

100123 Bug with life stealing restart

  • There was a bug with life stealer causing a bug with wounds which was the cause for the unscheduled restart today
  • Some model changes were also introduced

100122 Some priest limitations lifted

  • The skill gain limitations on priests were removed for existing servers since this would put new priests too far behind
  • Vessel now reduces 3 quality levels instead of 1 for low quality gems

100118 Rite of Spring popular tweak

  • Rite of spring is now castable much more seldom, and with less reward.
  • You can now cast Vessel on gems of less than 10 quality level. If you succeed it looses 1 quality level but no favor is channelled into the gem. You use up only the base favor cost.
  • Wisdom of Vynora now has diminishing returns.
  • Those who can erupt now also can cool lava.
  • Drain stamina and Drain health now have minimum values but may need further buffing.

100116 Some item decay was too low

  • Decay was too high for certain item types such as dirt, logs and rock shards causing the item database to grow and slow down the game. A lot of these items that had already sustained damage were manually deleted during this maintenance restart.
  • A few other issues such as creature types and zombie states not being saved over restarts should work better in the future but that bug remained over this restart.

100104 New decade

  • Welcome to a new Decade with Wurm Online. We start off with a few minor tweaks:
  • Bloodthirst effect increase was too easy. The increase is now determined by the damage you cause as well. Current effects were halved to bring it in line with future gains.
  • The damage reduction for champions turned out to be a bit too much. The 75% damage reduction has been lowered to 60%. Also Life Stealer items are a bit harder to use for champions.
  • An bug where simply trading with your own merchant reset the sales timer has been fixed. This is an unintended exploit, since merchants aren't supposed to be free safe storage. Another situation where this timer is reset may still be in but don't expect that forever. Please make sure your merchants starts selling stuff or expect them to humbly leave.
  • A bug with linking and leaving the area was fixed.