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140408 Domestic creature pathfinding fix

  • Sleeping in beds on other deeds should now properly remove your model
  • Changed Valrei behaviour according to this forum suggestion. (No delay between missions. Every mission completed advances a set move timer instead. You may set deity target hex by spending a lot of karma using Commune on an altar on Epic servers)
  • Attempting to snipe or ignore deity accounts should no longer cause continuous error messages
  • Fixed a reason for the erroneous regions in Epic build mission target descriptions
  • Creation missions will no longer require altars or similar decorations
  • Creation missions will no longer require large ships
  • Cut down tree missions now follow the settlement borders better

140403 Rice and creatures tweaks

  • Made finding rice on grass tiles near water more common. Made it so there is a very small chance of finding rice regardless of distance from water (or skill)
  • Added / amended titles from the player suggestions
  • Made prey inside settlements or hitched exempt from the new hunting

140401 Creature ai and email management

  • The command used to set the email for an account, /changeemail now requires a password and brings up a popup window. You may also set your password retrieval information there now.
  • As you may have noticed, the creatures behaved strangely this weekend and assembled in certain areas. They should now be less nervous and behave more normally.
  • Certain selected creatures such as deer and bison are now considered prey and may now be hunted by carnivores while trying to avoid them.
  • Modified woad, so its easier to get higher ql with better botanising skill (especially on steppe)

140328 Rice(!), and Wall construction

  • We have added rice to the game. The content has existed for quite a while but we wanted to add a few recipes for it. Rice can now be foraged from tiles near water and in Marsh given some skill. You need to grow it in shallow water
  • The wall construction window is now live which should make house construction a lot easier
  • Ritual missions on Elevation no longer have a preference for towers without kingdom
  • Missions will no longer require the usage of items that can only be used while on the ground, such as campfires
  • Typo with Fo missions fixed
  • You can now only disintegrate reinforced tiles inside enemy settlements if they were drained during the last 2 hours (so this is not working on PVE servers)
  • The trader form text will no longer claim you get a refund when the settlement it belongs to disbands
  • Lowered height requirement of Spirit gates from 300 steps to 100 steps
  • Creatures higher up in structures should now remain there between restarts
  • You may now cook rice and make rice wine from it. Use milk to make porridge. Also risotto from seafood should be nutritious. Note that the amount of liquid is a bit sensitive when it comes to cooking things so take care or you’ll get dish water or soup instead
  • Creatures should avoid moving down into very steep areas as well, getting trapped. Trapped creatures may stay there a while now
  • You can now snuff and light HOTA statues

140327 Guard bug resolved

  • The bug where guards didn’t hunt properly was fixed
  • Disbanding a settlement now gives a clear message about npc trader citizens disbanding as well

140325 Disintegration bugfix

  • The disintegration spell has received a bug fix where it actually will remove reinforcements. The chances are very low – 2% for a 50 power cast and 10% if you manage to cast a 90 power spell which is hard enough for a difficulty 70 spell. This goes up to 25% at 95 power and 50 percent at 98%. The reason behind the feature is that it has to be possible in some way to remove reinforcements since no areas of the game should be possible to put off limit indefinately. Since the chances are so low it seemed like a natural coincidence that you did not know of the effect, but as was recently proven it did not work at all.
  • The disintegration spell has been granted to priests of the other religions as well on PvP servers only. The reason for this is that it is an offensive measure on those servers usually but a service which can be managed by Magranon priests on the other servers.
  • Libila priests may now also cast the Strongwall spell.
  • Strongwall and Disintegrate spells are now tied to mining permissions on deed.
  • Missions will no longer require seasonal items.
  • Libila favor gain for sacrificing was tweaked downwards again.

140321 New fence creation window and Shark Season

  • We launch a brand new way of creating fences, hedges, flower beds and stone walls without all the right-clicks! You now use the same window as for item creation. We are looking into doing the same for houses as soon as possible.
  • Sharks have changed. They are a lot weaker and a bit more common. It’s unwise to try and fight them swimming, but they will not attack you in boats. They are also pretty easy to avoid and should pose a danger mainly to careless explorers.
  • There are also reports of the huge Sea Serpents closer to land again. Maybe food is scarce in the deep seas.
  • Another tweak to smelting was required.
  • Double favor items for Libila no longer only counts once but should work as for the other religions.
  • It is no longer possible to ally for MR and JK since the number of HOTS champs is limited to 3.

140319 Libila Favor gain, Towers and Champs

  • Fix for rotating towers on deeds
  • Missions will no longer require metal scraps
  • Alchemy item double favor gain values were increased by a factor 10
  • Libila max amount of champions in the future has been reduced to 3
  • Champions may now visit the Epic home servers

140317 Cooldowns and Champion 3-strike

  • Spell cooldowns were removed from Rotten Touch, Bloodthirst, Aura of shared pain, Web armour, Blessings of the Dark, Circle of cunning, Lurker in the deep, Lurker in the dark, Lurker in the woods, Fungus
  • Casting timer was reduced to 30 seconds for the spells Libila’s demise, Animal’s demise, Selfhealer’s demise, Dragon’s demise, Fo’s demise, Magranon’s demise, Human’s demise, Fo’s touch, Vynora’s hand, Magranon’s shield, Libila’s shielding, Dark Messenger, Courier
  • The way champions work was changed due to popular demand in the forums. The current scheme is a variant of the most popular suggestions:
  • Champions now have 3 lives and you can only be champion for max 6 months then you dechamp. You do no longer dechamp when you are at 0 champion points.
  • Your champion points may now go above 30. The general idea is to get as many as possible since you write your name in the Eternal Records. At the moment you can check those using the command /champs. Your points will show up once they change up or down.
  • You gain 3 points for draining an enemy deed with 5+ guards. You gain 30 points for recording a kill on an enemy champion. You gain 1 point when you record a kill on an enemy with 50+ fight skill. You also get the champion points worth of any battle points you gain from any kill. You lose 1 champion point per week down to 0.
  • Enchanting as a champion now must spend minimum 1 champion point.
  • Dechamping works as usual with the characteristics loss
  • You can’t become champion in 6 months after you have dechamped
  • Note: We will probably make them able to change servers (on the Epic cluster)
  • Libila now gains double favour when sacrificing items used in alchemy, as the previous double favour item (corpse) could only be used at the bone altar, which was too impractical.
  • Fix: moved the drumroll for praying to end of action.
  • Fix so actions on watery tree tiles work.
  • Moved Tunnel menu option to under Mine.
  • Fix for ceiling is too close message when it wasn’t
  • Typo fixes in the julbord messages
  • Fix for cross server ignore and snipe

140306 Champ points, mine doors on chaos, charcoal piles, bugfixes

  • Fix to remove the friends tab spam when reconnecting
  • Re-enabled tower rotation
  • You no longer gain points for capturing towers and battle camps. Champion points now decay 3 times slower
  • We try a 30 second mine door timer on Chaos in order to see if it has positive effect on PvP
  • Fix for wiki links not working in the crafting recipes list when the item name had more then one word
  • Large and small prefixes are no longer removed in the wiki links
  • Fix for high yield farming bug. Includes a chance for more Yield if a field is grazed from
  • Fix for Foraging titles
  • Fix for typo in help of /vteleport
  • Added title total to title selection form. Also added ability to hide parts of your shown titles
  • Players should no longer get stuck in walls at the token when using village teleport
  • Fixed a bug where item ownership was not set properly when dragging from an FSB to a container. This mainly affected HFC cooking skillgains
  • The village map settings can now be changed for custom roles, but it will not have any effect for players that are not a member of the village
  • You can no longer hitch animals to carts that are loaded in a ship
  • Fixed a bug that prevented hull planks from being dragged between containers
  • Corrected an event message when trying to unload a full container
  • Bugfixes for various achievements
  • Charcoal piles made from walnut will now give a 10% bonus on the quality of the items it produces
  • Damage on charcoal piles no longer reduces the quality of the items created

140225 Container fixes, PMK requirement change

  • A few bugs with containers and drag and drop were targeted in this update.
  • The minimum requirement for player made kingdoms was lowered to 25 players.
  • Lockpicking is now restricted to one person at a time per lock. Picked locks can not be relocked using the writ.

140218 Update 1.2 is now live!

  • Added wagons
  • Added ship carier
  • New crafting interface
  • Added crates
  • New Drag&drop functionality
  • New load function
  • Added Reinforced cave floors
  • Added Notifications Help System
  • Added Village Recruitment Board
  • Added Village Invite Command
  • Added Status effect bar
  • New Emotes Follow, lead, goodbye, this way, not that way.
  • Avatar of Libila model
  • Kyklops model
  • Added rugs
  • Added Braziers

140213 Dismounting from carts

  • You will no longer log on to carts if you have left the world
  • Economic distribution on Elevation and Chaos should now work properly again

140206 Libila PMK available. Weapon changes.

  • You should now be able to create a Libila PMK.
  • The steel staff and the steel spear had inverted damage so steel spear has been buffed. Normal spear and halberd base damage has been increased as well. Sickle, Scythe and Medium Maul base damage has been increased.
  • You may switch your staff and spear skill once if you right-click a spear.
  • Polearm damage modifier was reduced and no longer stacks with hate path or faith damage
  • On Elevation and Chaos, traders now receive bonus coins depending on kingdom size. Selling may yield bonus iron depending on the land % in the kingdom. Battle camps increase this value by up to 10% per camp controlled.
  • Conquering towers and battle camps (not HOTA pillars) now take a bit longer the more land you control.
  • Extreme terraforming near the white light has been decided as against the original concept. Also a bug with concrete has been abused. Some checks have been implemented and the WL on Chaos moved a bit from the current location on Chaos.
  • Logging off on a vehicle should now properly put you back on when you relog
  • Tweets for Valrei now has a timestamp added since similar tweets were considered spam and discarded
  • The skill requirements for floors and roofs have been tweaked a bit since they were out of line at low skill levels
  • A bug where destroying mine doors dealt too much damage was fixed

140204 A day worth of premium added

  • A day worth of premium was awarded to those who were premium today due to downtime during the weekend
  • The bug with coins dislocation lingered but should be fixed now
  • Long range archery was made a bit harder
  • The steel staff no longer counts as polearm (giving mounted damage bonus) while we investigate if it’s overpowered
  • The /time command has been split into /time and /playtime

140131 Inventory bugfixes

  • A bug which caused inventory weights to be wrong was fixed
  • A bug which caused a few coins to return to personal merchants due to a disconnect was fixed
  • It is now possible to declare war on settlements within player made kingdoms except the capital. PMKs may no longer oust unwanted settlements for now.
  • Creators of Guard Towers may now rotate them

140123 Moved rarity drumrolls

  • Most rarity drumrolls have been moved to the end of the action by strong demand
  • PMK rulers may now remove settlements. The settlement converts to the template kingdom after 24 hours with warnings every half hour.
  • Hell Horse fire breath damage was toned down a lot.
  • Being expelled from a kingdom no longer triggers the two week grace period
  • Optimisations in the code has made restarting the game servers faster

140117 Armour fix for creatures, minor position rollback

  • The server was updated with some code optimization for position handling. This led to a small position rollback so you may have to trackback some mounts.
  • A bug with creature armour was found. They should now show more or less vulnerability to different types of weapons. Some creature types will have moved around in the power ladder so take care.
  • The Epic portal bug is fixed. Any voided characters should be set back to the start server by GMs and walk through again.
  • You may now use archery and Great Helm again.

140115 Java manifest proper fix

  • Apparently we fixed the manifest issue with Java in the wrong way initially. Now that the new Java version has been released we could debug it properly.
  • The bug where the water surface was invisible has been fixed
  • Several crash bugs fixed
  • Looping terrain fix
  • The unstable client now shows large sign text

140114 Client and server updates

  • The client had to be updated due to a manifest change in the new version of Java. We still had some improvements left we planned to do but it seems stable.
  • The client was updated to a new LWJGL version (2.9.1)
  • Some previously missing tile types should now be visible again. There is still a visibility bug with mine doors.
  • There is a known bug with water rendering. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.
  • There is a known bug with signs and the font. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.
  • Mines may look invisible from the outside until you enter them.
  • There are some general fight tweaks:
  • Aggressive style damage was tweaked upwards
  • Defensive style damage was tweaked upwards
  • You now receive CR bonus for attacking while aggressive
  • You now receive CR penalty against attacks while aggressive
  • Players now receive inverted gank CR bonus so you’ll be harder to hit (due to congestion)
  • Mounts should now be targeted more seldom
  • Tower guards were made slower
  • We’ll evaluate a new behaviour for off-deed mine doors. They now work like other doors and stay open to enemies 2 minutes after being passed while fighting
  • Battle camps now take 10 minutes to conquer
  • Battle camps now have 60 tiles radius influence
  • While in your own battle camp area you now receive +3 Combat Rating
  • Current battle camps have been removed and will be replaced more strategically