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==Wurm staff==
==Wurm staff==
Wurm is developed and staffed by a team of employees and volunteers. Please refer to the [https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/4976-wurm-online-staff/ forum list] for the most up to date list.  
Wurm is developed and staffed by a team of employees and volunteers. Please refer to the [https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/4976-wurm-online-staff/ forum list] for the most up to date list.
===The founding developers===
Wurm Online was originally created by [[User:Rolf|Rolf Janssen]] (Rolf) and [[User:Notch|Markus Persson]] (Notch). Up until 2007 Notch and Rolf continued to work together on the game; developing the client and server sides respectively. In 2007 Notch retired, but Rolf continued working on the game and created the Client Development Team to continue improving the client.
===What do developers do?===
Developers are responsible for a vast array of things from fixing bugs to creating graphics, maintaining the website, managing sysadmin and much more. They directly affect the game by making changes to code, adding content, and altering how things work.
'''Developers''' (DEV) (Development team for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited)
*    Ausimus
*    [[User:Budda|Budda]]
*    Darklords
*    [[User:Keenan|Keenan]] - Code Manager
*    Jberg
*    Ostentatio
*    Pandalet
*    Samool - Product Manager
*    Saroman - Art Director
*    Taufiq - Payment Systems Manager
*    [[User:Warlander|Warlander]]
==Game Masters==
In Wurm Online the Game Masters (GMs) serve several purposes, some pertaining more to certain server types. They mediate player conflicts that may result from griefing, examine bugs, investigate exploits, and a handful of other less colorful things. GMs are responsible for enforcing rules throughout the game and handling the penalties given to players that refuse to follow them.
The original GMs were chosen from the initial player-base by the founding developers. Since then that tradition has continued with new GMs being selected by the Head Game Master and the current team. This means that all GMs are players just like us! Typically a GM is someone that has long term game experience, has shown a willingness to help and contribute to the community, and may have spent time as one of the many other volunteer roles.
If you require a GM, but are unable to log an in-game support ticket, please email gamemods@wurmonline.com to ensure that your issue is handled by the soonest available GM, rather than waiting on an individual GM to answer a forum PM.
'''Head Game Master''' (HGM) - (In charge of overall moderation, GM complaints, and grievances)
* Enki ( Dreammaster )
'''Assistant Head Game Master''' (AHGM)
* Pomona
'''Game Master''' (GM) - (Account/Password issues, rule violations)
*    Aion
*    Astarte
*  Azul ( Nicrolis )
*  Capi
* Confucius
*  Daciana
*    Ferocity
*    Firebird ( Firestarter )
*    Forsete
*    Hestia
*    Hypnos
*    Idunn ( Idony )
*    Logi ( Jberg )
*    Nethys ( Shydow )
*    Njorun
*    Prawn ( Shrimpiie )
*    Tarissa ( Ohana )
*    Vali ( Spellcast )
== Chat Moderators ==
A CM is a player that has taken on responsibilities in addition to playing the game. They moderate all public chat channels and enforce the chat rules. They also take /support calls to assist players when GMs are unavailable, and resolve calls that can be fixed without GM intervention. They are able to reach GMs across multiple servers if necessary. Discord moderators moderate chat on the official Wurm discord.
===The Chat Rules===
All chat rules are listed on the Wurm forum [https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/123123-wurm-rules/&do=findComment&comment=1265237 here].
If players do not follow the rules they can find themselves warned (mutewarn), or muted. Muted means that they cannot talk in any channel until the mute expires or is lifted. This includes asking for "help/guards!" from the Tower Guards.
If you receive a mutewarn, do not argue or sound off in the public chat channels! Starting an argument in public after a mutewarn is likely to get you muted.
If you disagree with a mutewarn or a mute, please message the Lead Chat Moderator to discuss your situation.
====Typical mute example====
* A player says something that violates the chat rules.
* A CM issues a mutewarn. This will appear in that scary orange color in the offender's event window.
* The player continues to violate the rules.
* The CM may issue additional warnings, or mute the player.
* Repeat offenders, or gross violation of the chat rules, are likely to get longer mutes, possibly without warnings.
* The CM will post a log of the incident where it will be reviewed by the CM and GM teams, both to determine if proper action was taken, and if any further action is needed.
===Spotting a fake CM===
The entire staff (except CAs, PRAs, and FMs) are immune to the /ignore command. As a good practice, if someone contacts you claiming to be a CM, immediately issue a /ignore on their name. Issuing /ignore Oracle in chat results in "You may not ignore Oracle." and thus is a trusted person to talk to. Another way is to attempt to give the person a negative reputation in a settlement, the game will tell you:"please make sure that <staffmember name> is a normal player."
'''Lead Chat Moderator''' (LCM) - (CA Applications, CM Applications, complaints, and grievances)
* Astarte
'''Chat Moderator''' (CM) - (Chat moderation for all public channels)
*    Alectrys
*    Evening / Ballad
*    Explora
*    Firestarter
*    Joelle
*    Lyhrinae
*    Lisabet
*    Maxthx
*    Moogien / Humla
*    Neopherus
*    Nicrolis
*    Sandyar / Herix
*    Serraphine / Miliani
*    Shrimpiie
*    Shydow
*    Silvirwolfe
*    Timothymarker
*    Tristankh
*    Willow
*    Yaga
'''Discord Administrator''' (DA) - (DM applications, complaints, and grievances)
* Capi
'''Discord Moderator''' (DM) - (Discord moderation, case handling)
* [[User:Nicrolis|Nicrolis]]
* [[User:Ostentatio|Ostentatio]]
* [[User:Xallo|Xallo]]
* [[User:Zelda|Zeldagold]]
==Forum Moderators==
Forum moderators are like chat moderators, except they handle the Wurm online forums. For the rules please see [https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/123123-wurm-online-rules/ Forum rules].
'''Lead Forum Moderator''' (LFM) - (FM applications, complaints, and grievances)
* Pandalet
'''Asst. Lead Forum Moderator''' (LFM) - (Extensive case handling, stands in when LFM is unavailable)
* Shakys
'''Board Moderator''' (BM) - (General moderation for all public boards)
*    DemonaNightshade
*    Gawain
*    Mrjonnyboy
* [[User:Snoo|Sn00]]
'''Forum Moderator''' (FM) - (Specialized moderation for all public boards)
* Yldrania
== Community Assistants ==
The Community Assistants (CAs) are players who volunteer to spread their knowledge and advice to new players, primarily through the CA Help channel.  The names of available CAs are listed in the box to the right of the CA Chat channel, and they use blue text so that their answers are more visible.
Please note that neither [[Elevation]], an [[epic cluster]] server, nor [[Chaos]], a [[Freedom|freedom cluster]] server, have a CA Help channel. Chat Moderators (CMs) are also considered CAs.
'''Community Assistants'''
*    Absy
*    Almostsolitude
*    Nordlys
* [[User:Seedlings|Seedlings]]
*    [[User:Scooter|Scooter]]
*    Snowtech
*    Telurius
*    Zenity
== PR Team ==
In Wurm Online, the PR Team represents Wurm to our community and to the general public. The PR Team handles Wurm's Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook accounts, as well as making some posts on the development blog.
The Community Relations Coordinator deals directly with developers in terms of content distribution, while the Assistant CRC assists the CRC in a wide variety of public relations tasks. Both roles deal with the public in acquiring feedback.
'''Community Relations Coordinator''' (CRC) (Community Relations)
* [[Player:Retrograde|Retrograde]]
'''Asst. Community Relations Coordinator''' (ACRC) (Feedback, Community Events, Social Media)
* Joelle
==Wurmpedia Assistants==
Wurmpedia assistants create and edit Wurmpedia pages to stay up to date with new and changed Wurm information. If you encounter wrong information in the Wurmpedia, please contact a WA on Discord, the forum, or in-game PM. Wurmpedia entries and edits abide by all Wurm game rules.
'''Wurmpedia Manager''' (WM) - (WA Applications, WA complaints, and grievances)
'''Asst. Wurmpedia Manager''' (AWM) - (Stands in when WM is unavailable)
'''Wurmpedia Assistants''' (WA) - (Project leaders, upholders of editing guidelines, and image uploaders)
* Goldfinch
* [[User:Hypamania|Hypamania]]
* Kyoko
* Naiani
* [[User:NeeNee|NeeNee]]
* [[User:Oluffus|Oluffus]]
* [[User:Ostentatio|Ostentatio]]
* [[User:Snoo|Sn00]]
* WindowsKey
* [[User:Zelda|Zeldagold]]
== Retired developers, Thanks guys! ==
* '''[[User:Notch|Notch]] - Founder / Client programmer'''
* DragonM - Coordinator, client development team
* Jake Lear - Artist
* Inventor - Artist
* Ron Smits - Server programmer
* [[User:Mortimar|Mortimar]] - Content Manager / Graphics
* Mrbloodworth - Lead Art developer
* [[User:Kilean|Kilean]] a.k.a Haraldstern - Client programmer
* Athero - Art developer
* Taliesin a.k.a [[User:Doughboy|Doughboy]] - Sound Developer
* [[User:Wintermute|Wintermute]] - Client developer
* Cryptik - Client Developer
* [[User:Kinoss|Kinoss]] - Art Developer
* [[User:Gurubear|Gurubear]] - Webmaster and Music
* Faeran - Sound developer, created Wurm video.
* Snowtech - Client developer
* Dashiva - Lead client development
* [[User:Dipse|Dipse]] - Client Developer
* Heroic - Client Developer
* Anshar - Client Developer
* Redbaron_Johan - PR / Marketing
* [[User:Darkfilo|Darkfilo]] - Client Developer
* [[User:Wollschaf|Wollschaf]] - Client Developer
* Wox - Art Developer
* [[User:Zcul|Zcul]] a.k.a. Andreas - Server Developer, Client Developer
* Erikn - Server developer
* Haradur - Client developer
* Tamlin - Server Developer, Client Developer

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Wurm staff

Wurm is developed and staffed by a team of employees and volunteers. Please refer to the forum list for the most up to date list.