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Battle rank is a number that indicates how successful a premium player has been in battle.


  • The higher the Battle rank number, the more successful in PVP combat (killing without being killed) the player has been. The lower the number, the more defeat the player has suffered in this same respect.
  • Battle rank starts at 1000 for all players.
  • Battle rank will only increase when fighting a player from an enemy kingdom. As with most other skills in Wurm, Battle rank is easier to gain at lower levels than at higher levels. After some initial gains, for example, Battle rank will start to gain only 3 points if an inferior enemy (lower battle rank) is killed. More exact numbers may be added here with further research.
  • If a higher-ranked player is killed by a relatively lower-ranked player, considerably more battle rank will be lost by the higher-ranking player.
  • To see your rank, type /rank, or /ranks to show the top 10 ranks on the current server.

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