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The Wurmpedia has and always will be the player-made handbook for Wurm Online. The original concept of the Wurmpedia was to allow the founding players and staff to share their findings in this wonderful sandbox of discovery and that is how we intend to keep it. With your help we can continue the legacy of the Wurmpedia, which is celebrating it's 10th anniversary in 2015! Read on to find out more about the Wurmpedia and how you can contribute.


The first page was created 15 years ago and since then we have had 2,934 articles created and 130,049 edits by 1,968 users. The Wurmpedia is growing daily and so is the faith in the information contained, all because of you, the player, and the drive for knowledge.


All standard Wurm Online content rules apply at all times on the Wurmpedia. If in doubt contact a member of the Wurmpedia staff.


Main article: Wurmpedia:Community portal

Anything discovered by players may be added to the main pages providing the information is relevant and accurate. In the past player guides and recommendations have been permitted but over time these informative pieces of information have moved over to the official forums where other players may provide additional insight and their experiences. Any ideas you have to add to the Wurmpedia are welcome!

Any information added to the Wurmpedia should ideally be validated by another player and only reflect the current state of the game using the standard or Steam client on any of the live servers. Changes made in the unstable client or on the test server may be reverted, changed, or removed at any time. Any new information from those areas should first be discussed on the forums before being added to the Wurmpedia once implemented on the live client or servers. Information from code diving on Wurm Unlimited is not considered official as Wurm Online has continued to grow and change past Wurm Unlimited. Please verify any WU on live WO servers info before adding it.


Main article: Wurmpedia:Players

Players may create and edit pages for a character on the Player namespace, but be mindful that the information can be viewed directly in the client via the Find on Wurmpedia context menu on a character.

Any editing on a player page (or on a redirected page) without consent from the account holder will be considered vandalism.


Main article: Wurmpedia:Users

Each Wurmpedia account comes with page on the User namespace which may be used for testing or holding of information by that account holder. Consider this your personal sandbox.

Under no circumstances should non-staff members edit another User page. Doing so could be considered vandalism.


Main article: Wurmpedia:Settlement

Pages in the Settlement namespace may be created and edited by anyone who has permission from the mayor.

Any editing on a settlement page (or on a redirected page) without consent from the mayor will be considered vandalism.


Main article: Wurmpedia:Lore

Any player-made stories and history can be written in this namespace by anyone with a user account. This can include documenting GM-created special events.

Lore pages are maintained by the author, and should not be edited by non-staff members without permission from the author.


Main article: Wurmpedia:Historical

Official Wurm features, servers, etc. that is no longer present in the game. Generally, these pages won't need editing as they are not being updated in Wurm Online any longer; but if an error is found, anyone with an editor account may edit these pages.


Main article: Wurmpedia:Guides

Unofficial player-made guides may be posted here. Each guide should contain the Guides template at the top of their article which indicates that the pages are created and maintained by the author, as other editors may not edit player guides.

Guides pages are maintained by the author, and should not be edited by non-staff members without permission from the author.



Applying for an editor account is the first step to getting involved in the Wurmpedia. Simply register by clicking 'Log in' in the upper right corner of the Wurmpedia and then 'Join Wurmpedia' on the next screen. Anyone who shows a strong interest in the Wurmpedia and keeping its content fresh and accurate may ask to become an assistant, having more responsibility and freedom in bringing the players top-quality information.


Assistants support the Wurmpedia Managers with the day-to-day maintenance and projects surrounding the Wurmpedia. Editors may apply for a Wurmpedia Assistant position after one month of editing, and are hired to the volunteer team based on account standing, contributions, and passion. Assistants gain the ability to move pages and upload images, and are relied upon for more major tasks. They report in to the Wurmpedia Managers.


The Wurmpedia Manager oversees the governance, security, projects and overall content of the Wurmpedia. They are staff roles and report into the Assistant Head Game Masters.