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Historical settlement

This settlement existed on an older map of Wurm.


Gavin (founder) first joined Wurm - like most - completely ignorant to the ways of Wurm. He quickly met Siementaa, who showed him how to play properly before he decided to embark upon a journey to build his own village atop a hill.
After realizing the location he had chosen was not adequate for a decently-sized settlement, he moved back to an area around Newtown and started Southlands.
Having many problems with the locals in the area, he once again set off to deed an area with his newly acquired size 10 village deed. It wasn't an easy task to find a proper area, however after much searching he decided to place his deed atop a large hill overlooking a beautiful lake, with many veins of different ore types, water, many different trees, clay, tar, and almost all other resources that are required.
Since founding, building, and recruiting a few members, Gavin (with the help of citizens) has expanded Cliffside into several different size 5 deeds and plans to expand it further with four more size 5's.

Cliffside is a rather secure location being on side a cliff so hard to enter from the back, And having main deed and 4 size 5 homesteads, We also have 5 guard towers scattered around mostly 50+ ql

We plan to make cliffside a safe haven in case anything mischievous ever finds its way into homeserver or incase the spiders group up and go on a rampage :O

NOTE: Gavin has now moved to the wild server in hopes to find something more thrilling than killing spiders, Also to make his other account a champion of vynora, And to benefit from the uncapped ore,


  • Plaier (Plaier is one of the most active members in cliffside and is the Mayor)


  • Plaier (Armorsmith/Smith/Mason/Terraformer/Miner/Woodcutter/Weaponsmith)
  • Jakeo (Platesmith)
  • Zandarth (Blacksmith/Carpenter)


Shops & Buildings

Note: All cliffside merchants have moved to the market valley just outside Newtown, We have enchantments meals armor and weapons for sale there =]


From newtown cross the landbridge and follow till you get to a crossroads
When you see the sign saying cliffside and pointing follow that road until you come to a Y bend
Turn right and follow along keep following the Wide 2 tile road ignoring the "Cliffside Side Lane" sign once you are 15 minutes into the highway
Just around the corner you should see the entrance to cliffside with some gates and guard towers

Closest Towns

  • Vires
  • Lion's Head
  • Newtown
  • Rockcliff
  • Brown Bear Cove
  • Ravens Keep

Closest Homesteads

  • Planck and Raheny's Farm
  • Rosethorn
  • Stabbish's Province
  • Ilzid Lenoel


  • None Atm