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The official IRC channels are on port:6667.

  • #wurm - For general chat.
  • #wurmpedia - For collaboration and discussion of the Wurmpedia and its edits.
  • #wurmunlimited - For Wurm Unlimited oriented discussion.
  • #wumodding - For discussion of modding Wurm Unlimited.

Connect Now (IRC)
IRC Web client

Note: You are welcome to come to the IRC channel for help but as to solve many problems we need to see the full crash log it is recommended you use the wurm forums instead. Also, do not expect an immediate response in the IRC channel, unless people are actively conversing it will likely take several minutes to get a response. Finally, although game masters are sometimes present in the IRC channel, it is not intended to function as a game assistance channel.

Ingame IRC

To use IRC from within the client, simply open up the console window by pressing F1 and type in irc. This will spawn a new set of tabs in the chat window that are connected to the Rizon network, and it auto joins the official #wurm channel.

Note: You can configure your client to automatically connect to IRC by editing your autorun.txt file in your wurm client folder. (The location of this file can be changed in the wurm client to be character specific.)


  • irc
  • ircsay /msg NickServ IDENTIFY yourircpasswordhere (Skip this line if you haven't registered with IRC)
  • ircsay /join #yourchannel

IRC Clients

The Wurm client also includes basic IRC support (as of version 2.1.10). (see Setting up IRC in the client)

Useful IRC Commands

How to register your IRC nickname

In IRC, not in an actual channel, enter the following /msg nickserv REGISTER password

How to identify yourself

In IRC, not in an actual channel, enter /msg NickServ IDENTIFY name password

Or just enter the password in your IRC client.

How to close a former session

When your client crahes, your previous session may remain open, preventing you from accessing that nick. You can close the session manually though.

In IRC, not in an actual channel, enter /msg nickserv GHOST name password

How to reclaim your name

Nickserv doesn't reserve names, so someone might be using you registered name and you may want to reclaim it.

In IRC, not in an actual channel, enter /msg nickserv RECOVER name password followed by /msg nickserv RELEASE name password

Note: The Ghost and Release commands may not be necessary as they time out automatically.

How to hide the email associated with your nick

By default, the email associated with your nick is able to be seen by anyone who runs the INFO command on your nick. For example, run the following command in the Server window (when using the built-in IRC client in Wurm) with your nick in place of "yournickhere":

/msg NickServ INFO yournickhere

If you have not hidden your associated email then your email will be displayed. To hide your email from being seen by others run the following command:

/msg NickServ SET HIDE EMAIL on

Other commands

Use the following command to see all of the commands available to you:

/msg NickServ HELP

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