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Removed feature

The feature described here has been removed from Wurm Online. This page is retained only for historical purposes.


The most nutritious type of food. When eaten hot it gives more nutrition.


A basic meal consists of meat / fish and potato / corn / onion / pumpkin (commonly referred to as vegetables) or rice that you heat up in a frying pan. Do not use fish and meat at the same time as that will only make a stew.

If there are no vegetables available, they can be substituted by bread. Adding salt halves the meal's decay rate.

Examine the frying pan before cooking to determine the difficulty and whether or not it will become a meal. Herbs, cheese, and some other foraged and harvested items can be added for additional difficulty. Typically the more ingredients a meal has the more difficult it will be to cook. Berries added to the frypan will produce stew instead of a meal.

Meals have higher base difficulty than other dishes, so at low HFC skill it is recommended to use stone ovens when cooking them. If difficulty isn't an issue, any fire source can be used. Experienced cooks will sometimes use campfires or stone forges to intentionally increase the difficulty and therefore their skill gain. Added difficulty:

  • Oven 0
  • Campfire 5
  • Forge 10

The base QL of a meal is your hot food cooking skill, and at lower skill it will match this most of the time. As hot food cooking becomes higher, it also becomes harder and harder to maintain maximum quality. When it exceeds 70, the meal QL will drop and become more dependent on the ql of the items and the difficulty of making it (the easier the meal, the higher QL meal made).


Fire source
Campfire, Stone forge, Stone oven
Cooking implement
Frying pan
Meat part
Either meat or fish (regular or fillet)
Vegetable part
Potato, corn, onion, rice or pumpkin.
Alternatively: bread.

Resulting Product

  • 1x meal

Skills used

  • Hot food cooking

Some Recipes and Difficulty (2016 April 27)

  • Meat + Onion = 22 difficulty
  • Meat + Onion + Corn = 25 difficulty
  • Meat + Onion + Potato = 25 difficulty
  • Meat + Corn = 27 difficulty
  • Meat + Potato = 27 difficulty
  • Meat + Rice = 27 difficulty
  • Meat + Onion + Pumpkin = 28 difficulty
  • Meat + Pumpkin = 30 difficulty
  • Meat + Bread = 30 difficulty
  • Meat + Corn + Onion + Cheese = 32 difficulty
  • Meat + Corn + Rice = 33 difficulty
  • Meat + Potato + Rice = 33 difficulty
  • Meat + Pumpkin + Potato = 33 difficulty
  • Meat + Pumpkin + Corn = 33 difficulty
  • Meat + Pumpkin + Grain = 33 difficulty
  • Meat + Pumpkin + Corn + Potato + Onion = 39 difficulty
  • Meat + Corn + Onion + Cheese + Grain = 39 difficulty
  • Meat + Pumpkin + Corn + Potato = 40 difficulty
  • Meat + Pumpkin + Corn + Rice = 40 difficulty

Additional notes

  • Meals decay very fast in inventories. You're better off storing them in a larder.
  • They do take damage in your inventory even if you are logged off.