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This page is a catch-all for a settlement which has been referred to but does not have its own page.

The likeliest reasons for this is that another settlement has used the {{Settlement}} template or that a player profile page has referred to this because they either are or have been a member of the town.

  • If you were just curious then sorry, the information you are after does not currently exist.
  • If this is not your current town and you know someone who is in the town, let them know, now adding content is their problem.
  • If you are a member of this town and your town mayor/elders have agreed to it then you can create or modify the page that this redirect is covering for.
  • Do not edit the pages of other towns unless you are an administrator or authorised, even then unless the content on the page is against the policies and rules of Wurm, the changes must be limited to correcting spelling and link errors and adding category tags.
  • If in doubt then do not touch the redirect. Ask.

If you have authority to create a proper page for the town then click at the top where it says redirected from town_name. On the page it takes you to click on edit and remove the #redirect, now add the content which showcases your town.

This is also used to clean up links to settlements which will never be added. This will mostly be historical settlements, either from Beta, Gold 1 or one of the Home Servers. If the settlement redirection that brought you here definitely came from a settlement which was not on the current servers then you can modify that redirection to be

               #redirect [[Undefined historical settlement]]

which will make it clear to anyone what that settlement's state is.