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If you have reached this page then you have been redirected from a page which has been referred to but never populated.

The player to whom this refers to may have never intended for there to be such a page or does not have a wiki account with which to create such a page. Either way this page is a generic place-holder to help progress things.

You may :

  • Ignore this page, the info you desire is sadly not here
  • This is someone else's name
    • The owner has gone inactive or quit. In this situation you can do nothing and the link should remain as is.
    • You know them and tell them they don't have their own wiki page. Now its up to them to change things.
    • They may ask you to update their page for them. You need to be careful here as there have been complaints when someone changes someone else's page.
  • Its your name!
    • You don't have a wiki account, contact Seedlings to change that.
    • You want to create your own page in which case look at the top and it should have the undefined player tag followed by (redirect from your_name). Click on your_name and you'll be able to edit it. Remove the #redirect line and put your own stuff in.
    • You already have a User:Player_name page and want to use that, in which case simply put User:yourname in place of the undefined_player tag and save. Now both Player:Player_name and User:Player_name will go to the same place!
    • This is actually one of your secondary characters (alts) but doesn't need its own page. You can change the redirect to User:yourname or Player:yourname where yourname is your main chars name. This way you can group a number of your characters to the one page.

A helpful hint, every save appears in recent changes so rather than save/change/save/change do preview/change/preview/change/save. This reduces the spam for recent changes, something everyone appreciates.