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What is the PR Team?

In Wurm Online, the PR Team are volunteers who offer their knowledge and time to help represent Wurm to our community and to the general public. The PR Team handle Wurm's Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as making some posts on the development blog.

The Public Relations Manager deals directly with developers in terms of content distribution, while PRAs (first introduced by Wossoo) assist the PRO in a wide variety of tasks. Both roles deal with the public in acquiring feedback.

The Team

Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Creates marketing materials and oversees Wurm's PR. Also does the weekly update posts

Deputy Public Relations Officer (DPRO)

Stands in for the PRO whenever they are unavailable

Public Relations Assistant (PRA)

  • Araninke
  • Atazoth
  • Bibi
  • CanibalCamel
  • Maxthx
  • Retrograde
  • Yldrania
  • Wossoo

Retired members

Public Relations Assistant

  • MaxC - Public Relations Assistant
  • Perryn - Public Relations Assistant
  • RedBaron_Johan - Marketing and Public Relations Officer
  • Stargrace - Public Relations Manager

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